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A Hero’s Journey Home – Lance Shults

“Family is really big to me, because at the end of the day, no matter what happens, no matter where your career takes you, no matter where life takes you, you’ll always have family. I want to do everything possible that I can for my family. “

For Lance Shults, joining the military was not always a part of the plan, but family was. So, when life knocked him off course and into joining the United States Navy, it just so happened to lead him to what he values most in life, family. This is Lance’s story of his journey as a Sailor, son, husband and father. Read more

Month of the Military Child – Honoring Our De”Serving” Kids

March is the Month of the Military Child. We honored these de”serving” children by asking you to submit the photo of the special military child in your life with a special note. These are the photos and special messages you shared with us.  Read more

Military Appreciation Month

Appreciating Our Military Heroes For Military Appreciation Month

May is known as National Military Appreciation Month, giving us the chance to honor our military service members past and present, as well as their families. Senator John McCain proposed legislation in 1999 to choose May as National Military Appreciation Month. Both the House and Senate agreed that it was a great idea for Americans to honor and recognize U.S. Military Members during May.

Although we can and should show our appreciation throughout the year, you can find specific May celebrations to participate in, including Public Service Recognition Week, VE DAY, Military Spouse Appreciation Day, Armed Forces Day, and Memorial Day.

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8 Things We Want Firefighters to Know

Firefighters are some of the bravest heroes in our community. They literally run towards danger to save the people and things that are most important in our lives. But there is so much more we appreciate and admire about firefighters. Here are 8 things we want firefighters to know. Read more

Costco to honor Military

Costco is Stepping Out to Honor Military in this One-Day Shopping Event

On March 24, 117 Costco stores all across the United States will be honoring veterans, active military personnel, and their families by hosting Costco’s Military Hour starting at 8:00 AM. To celebrate your service, this Military Hour will include opening before regular store hours, free swag bags filled with goodies for the first 100 arrivals, product demonstrations, and free food samples.

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What is Homes for Heroes?

What is Homes for Heroes? Simply put, we help heroes save money buying, selling or refinancing a home. However, there are so many important pieces that go into fueling our circle of giving. We have broken down the Who, What, Why, and How of the Homes for Heroes program to help you understand how we serve the heroes of this great country. Read more

2017 Homes for Heroes Affiliate Awards

2017 Homes for Heroes Affiliate Awards

In 2017, together as a team, our caring community of real estate professionals continued to raise the bar on the service and savings Homes for Heroes provides our heroes. However, a select group of affiliates went above and beyond for the heroes in their community. And today we are honored to recognize and thank these extraordinary affiliates for their service with the 2017 Homes for Heroes Affiliate Awards. Read more

School-Shooting-Florida teachers and staff

Heroes – We See You and We Thank You

Homes for Heroes is absolutely devastated by the events in Florida yesterday. We’re hugging our children, our grandchildren, our sisters, our brothers, and our heroes a little tighter.

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If You’re a First Time Homebuyer- Here are Some Tips

Congratulations if you have made the big decision to purchase your first home! You might receive a lot of advice along your home buying journey from family, friends, and strangers. Here are a few great tips to follow from the real estate professionals at Homes for Heroes to help you become a homeowner. Read more

Five Common Toilet Problems and How to Fix Them

Five Common Toilet Problems and How to Fix Them

If you’re like many homeowners, having to call a trade service is an unexpected expense you’d prefer to avoid. Unfortunately, some feel as if they should hire someone for even minor issues.

Calling a plumber each time your toilet sprung a leak or clog would soon add up. But the silver lining here is that many problems occur frequently, and the fix is usually an easy one!

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