Military Appreciation Month - Air Force

Military Appreciation Month: Thank You Air Force

May is known as our National Military Appreciation Month, and we want to celebrate the Air Force. Airmen join the Air Force to protect the United States at all costs. They are always training for battle, and when they are ready, they take on unspeakable feats, all to protect our freedom. To the United States Air Force, we say, “Thank You.”

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Military Appreciation Month: Thank You Coast Guard

Military Appreciation Month occurs in May each year, and we want to take this time to honor the United States Coast Guard. Thank you for your service and all that you do to keep us safe.

The Coast Guard is a U.S. federal agency responsible for the maritime safety, security, and environmental stewardship in U.S. waterways and ports. The Coast Guard defends and protects more than 100,000 miles along U.S. coastlines as well as inland waterways. U.S. Coast Guards also provide humanitarian aid to people in distress or to those who have experienced human-made and natural disasters both onshore and off.

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Military Appreciation Month - Marines

Military Appreciation Month: Thank You Marines

In 1999, Congress designated May as National Military Appreciation Month, and 2018 marks the nineteenth year of the national tradition of honoring members of our Armed Forces. We want to show our appreciation for the United States Marine Corps for their bravery and courage, as well as their training and ability to keep us safe and free.

Marines are the first service members to get the call when someone needs rescuing. They are the first to secure an area, and they choose to join the Marines, knowing all of this. Of all branches of the military, Marines decide to join the Corps knowing they would be joining the elite, but also knowing they would be heading straight into the most dangerous of situations.

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Military Appreciation Month - Thank you Army

Military Appreciation Month: Thank you Army

May is known as Military Appreciation Month, and we want to celebrate the Army, Army Reserves, and the National Guard. These service members choose to commit their lives to protecting the United States and lend their support to other countries all over the world. They sacrifice on a regular basis, whether that means moving three times more than civilian families do in a year, fighting on the frontlines of war, or working on peacetime opportunities worldwide. They join the United States Army, and in doing so, ensure our safety and freedom.

To the United States Army, we say, “Thank you.”

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Military Appreciation Month

Military Appreciation Month: Thank You Navy

From its beginnings under George Washington to its status today as the most significant naval force in the history of the world, the United States Navy travels the globe as it seeks to protect our freedoms here at home.

During Military Appreciation Month, let’s take a look at the history and the heroes of the US Navy.

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National Emergency Medical Services Week

Thank You to Our Emergency Medical Services Personnel

Is there anything more frightening in life than standing by helplessly as a loved one struggles with a medical emergency?

Fortunately, the feeling of panic and helplessness is often short-lived because help arrives quickly in the form of emergency medical services. Emergency medical service professionals are the front-line heroes of healthcare, and we are privileged to celebrate their contribution to our communities during National Emergency Medical Services Week, May 20-26.

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Armed Forces Day

Celebrating Armed Forces Day 2018

Armed Forces Day honors our military service members every year on the third Saturday of May. This year it is designated for May 19, 2018, marking its sixty-eighth year.

The first authorized Armed Forces Day occurred on May 20, 1950, an effort led by President Truman with the hopes that United States citizens could come together and pay tribute to our military heroes for their commitment to the United States of America.

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Simple Interest Calculator

Can a Simple Interest Calculator Be Used for a Mortgage?

If you are in search of a new home, you need to know what you can afford. A lender will help you determine how much you can afford by looking at your debt-to-income ratio and your net income, not your gross income. That means that they are taking into consideration the money you receive each month before taxes and deductions make their way out the door. They also don’t look at what bills you are paying each month, or your budget for gas, groceries, and childcare.

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Words with thin blue line

Save Time and Money with our Home Loans for Police Officers

Thank you for your service to your community. Did you know that your service as a police officer makes you eligible for home loans that will make it easier to buy a home? Read on to find out how Homes for Heroes can help you find mortgage financing that fits your needs and gets you into the home of your dreams.

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Police officers holding candle at police week candlelight vigil

It’s Police week again… we can cry

By: S.L. Blackwell, Minneapolis Police (ret) and Homes for Heroes Hero Outreach Coordinator 

Every year in early May, America’s Law Enforcement community comes together in Washington D.C. to say good bye and honor the lives and memories of Police Officers who have given the ultimate sacrifice while under the uniform and badge of their community. None of them planned on their last day at work being their last day with their friends and loved ones, but the choice wasn’t theirs. Read more