How to Use Your VA Loan to Refinance Your House

If you or your loved one are a Veteran, you need to know about the home loans and refinancing options available. Maybe you didn’t know about VA loans when you bought your home, or perhaps you are just now becoming eligible to take advantage of them.  It’s possible you already have a VA loan and are thinking of refinancing to take advantage of lower interest rates.

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John Shoults

Hero Spotlight – John Shoults

“I loved every minute of my time in the service, and it was better than I ever thought it would be.”

John Shoults is a retired Communications Specialist who served 22 years in the United States Army on active duty. He currently works as a DOD employee at Fort Riley, in Kansas. He has been married to his soulmate Kym, for 33 years. Together they have two children and six grandchildren. His friends and family describe him as a man that is full of integrity and humor. He lives life to the fullest and enjoys scuba diving, traveling, fixing old radios and watching old monster movies in his free time.

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Home Inspection Tips for Sellers

The process of selling your home will involve a home inspection which won’t be the most pleasant experience of your selling adventure, but it will be worth it in the end. Inspections involve potential buyers coming into your home and checking every crack and crevice to determine if your house is the one for them. You will already show it to them once before the inspection, but this will let them investigate the history of your home and everything that needs repair. Hopefully, for you, that’s not a lot. With the right dedication and care of your home, it shouldn’t be. Consider repairing any small or large details that might prevent your house from selling. Check out the Homes for Heroes local deals to find discounts on home improvement supplies and more.

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Nurses can own a home

Nurses- Yes! You Can Own a Home – Here’s How

Are you a Registered Nurse (RN) in California, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Oregon, or Alaska?  If so, you are probably making between $86,000 and $102,000 per year. However, the majority of you are reading this and thinking, “What the what?! I need a raise!”

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School-Shooting-Florida teachers and staff

Heroes – We See You and We Thank You

Homes for Heroes is absolutely devastated by the events in Florida yesterday. We’re hugging our children, our grandchildren, our sisters, our brothers, and our heroes a little tighter.

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Home Maintenance Costs - How to Budget for the Unexpected

Home Maintenance Costs – How to Budget for the Unexpected

There are several schools of thought on how to budget on home repairs, but there is one consensus: all homeowners need an emergency fund.

How do you budget for the unknown expenses? What is the average cost of home repairs? Whether you have a new or old home, repairs will be required.

Benjamin Franklin said it well, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

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Home Ownership for is Crucial for Firefighters

Why Home Ownership for is Crucial for Firefighters

As a firefighter, people may not always want to see you heading towards their home. However, your bravery and commitment to your community do not go unrecognized.

Even firefighters must clock out of their shift eventually, though, and you deserve to have somewhere to go other than the station. That is why owning a home is essential to everyone of all occupations.
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First Responder Home Loans

First Responder Home Loans – Here’s How You Can Save!

Working as a first responder, you’re great at many things. Whether it’s staying calm under pressure or just finding the courage to rush towards dangerous situations, you help keep the community safe.

One area that first responders need a little help in is saving on their home loans. The home purchasing process is enough to make anyone sweat!

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VA Home Loan Requirements

VA (veteran) home loans can make the difference on whether your family can afford to buy a home or refinance. They are several cost savings that the average non-veteran homeowner does not get.  

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Home Loans for Teachers

Home Loans for Teachers – How to Get one AND Save Money

At Homes for Heroes, we recognize the immense dedication teachers have not only for the students that sit in their classrooms, walk through the hallways of the schools, and play on the playground each day. We staff our nation’s schools with some of the best and the brightest teachers in the world. Read more