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5 Ways We Help Homebuyers Get Ahead

Buying a home is a big achievement, and one worth getting excited about. But the costs and other issues that come with a home purchase can sometimes leave homebuyers feeling overwhelmed and stuck behind the financial eight ball. Thankfully, Homes for Heroes offers Hero Rewards® savings and unmatched personal service to help our heroes overcome […]

KRISS LAW, LLC – $300 Off Closing and Free Purchase and Sale Review

Licensed in all 50 states and voted Banker and Tradesman Best Closing Attorney 3 years running, Kriss Law specializes in residential real estate conveyances. We handle over 7 billion in transactions per year and represent buyers, sellers and lenders alike. Attorney Liana Arvay specializes in clearing complex title issues and working with first time home […]

5 Ways We Help Healthcare Professionals Buy a Home

Long hours, disgruntled patients, and the daily stress of managing life-and-death situations. At Homes for Heroes, we realize some of the challenges faced by doctors, nurses, technicians and other medical healthcare professionals. You have a difficult and often thankless job. But your contributions to your community do not go unnoticed. We want to thank you […]

Why Teachers Make Great Homebuyers

Teachers are more than just educators. They’re counselors for students going through hard times. They’re role models for young people trying to find their way. They’re cheerleaders helping celebrate successes big and small. But teachers have another skill they may not even recognize themselves: Teachers make great homebuyers. The homebuying process can be extremely complex, […]

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