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2 thoughts on “Thank You EMS | Emergency Medical Services Appreciation

  1. I like to say “Thank You” to Rob and Steven who helped my daughter to North York General Hospital Emergency around 10am on Wednesday March 1st. Both Rob and Steven were very nice and gave use very good advice that could make a big difference on how we can protect my daughter from disasters. I don’t know their full names. The only thing I noted was the vehicle license plate – AV 79400.

  2. To Whom It May Concern…
    I would like to give a heartfelt Thank You!!!
    To EMS-Employees Ms. LaVelle badge#unknown/and Hillary badge 1991, for taking exceptionally good care of me. I was shaken up almost afraid during my experience after falling and injuring my left leg hamstring. Their warm voices n touch to keep me safe n delivery me to Harlem trauma emergency room was flawless n comforting!!! ThankYou both/ all EMT Employee for just being THERE to save the day. Always!! ❤️💪 Harlem resident.

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