How to Use Your VA Loan to Refinance Your House

If you or your loved one are a Veteran, you need to know about the home loans and refinancing options available. Maybe you didn’t know about VA loans when you bought your home, or perhaps you are just now becoming eligible to take advantage of them.  It’s possible you already have a VA loan and are thinking of refinancing to take advantage of lower interest rates.

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keys in hand for a new mortgage

7 Tips on How to Get Approved for a Home Mortgage Loan

Buying a home can be one of the most stressful decisions that you and your family will ever make. Before you find that perfect home in that ideal location, our team at Homes For Heroes wants to give you some tips on how to get approved for a mortgage loan.

Obtaining a good loan with the right lender can make the home buying process much less intimidating and stressful. We have compiled a list of our top 7 mortgage tips to help you and your family during this extraordinary time in your life.

You and your family have devoted your lives to the service of others; selflessly sacrificing your time and energy to your country and community, and we want you to start off your journey as homeowners on the right foot.

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Money management tips for the holidays

5 Money Management Tips for the Holiday

Written by guest contributor and Financial Advisor, Eric Somsel of Securian Financial Advisors of the Great Lakes

The holiday season can be a stressful time for many. From decorating and parties, to shopping and family gatherings, it’s a wonder we find time for all of it. The holidays are often a stress on finances as well. Buying presents, traveling and feeding a house full of people can quickly add up. Use the following money management tips for the holidays to relieve some of the stress on your budget, and even yourself. Read more

Financial Management

Simple Financial Management: 8 Tips for Getting What You Want Out of Life

Written by guest contributor and Financial Advisor, Eric Somsel of Securian Financial Advisors of the Great Lakes.

Autumn is a great time to slow down and reflect. As the air cools and the leaves change colors, thinking about life’s big questions only seems natural. In this spirit, here are 8 tips for getting what you want from life, from the perspective of a financial advisor!

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Good Financial Habits

Good Financial Habits You Can Use Today

Through smart decisions and perseverance, creating good habits in your financial life can put you on a path towards financial success. Here are some good financial habits you can start today.

financial considerations when buying a home

Financial Considerations When Buying a Home, A-Z

There are many financial considerations when buying a home. Use this list of home buying considerations A-Z to prepare your self financially.

Life After Service

Heroes Deserve a Life After Service

It is important to know ahead of time what that next chapter looks like. Those who fight for our freedom, our safety and our education are true heroes, and it is our job to help them make the most of your modest salaries and make a promising future for you and/or your families. While many in public service are given great workplace benefits, increasingly governments have come strained and are shifting responsibility to the individual. Now more than ever, working with a Financial Advisor to create a strategy to the next chapter is critical.

How to Manage Financial Change During Major Life Events

With the warmer weather bringing spring cleaning and putting away winter coats, it’s natural to think about the start of a new season. This change of season brings a good time to think about the other big times of change and transition, and the steps to take to start each new life phase on the right foot.

military life can affect credit scores

How Military Life Can Affect Credit Scores

Military life can affect credit scores among service members. Many of these struggles and solutions are not limited to military. In fact we see these items in all walks of like.