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3 thoughts on “Welcome Lance Kenmore – Realtor – Kennewick, WA

  1. Hi my name is Connor Ehr . I’m just looking for more info on the homes for Heros . I’m in the army and also work for the walla walla county sheriff and want to start looking for a home in the tri cities

    1. Connor! I apologize for the delay. I didn’t receive any indication that you had left a comment on this blog. Please call me at the office 509.735.1025 or email me directly at ryan (at) kenmoreteam.com.


  2. i lost your card and have been trying to get in touch with you. i remembered you are in the HOMES FOR HEROS (actually i thought it was Homes for Warriors) . My phone is 509 588 7462 or 509 438 6388.


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