Helping Veterans Transition to a Civilian Career – A Hero Foundation Grant

Ask any veteran, and they’re likely to tell you that one of the greatest lessons they learned while on active duty is how to navigate and problem solve unfamiliar situations without a road map. This intangible attribute makes veterans one of the most employable and job-ready candidates in the job market. However, many military members struggle with finding civilian employment after service due to the lack of hard skills many employers seek in today’s workforce.

Nearly one-third of employed veterans in the United States are either under-employed or in a low-paying job. Even more concerning is that this number is increasing year over year with no signs of slowing down. Over the next three to five years, the veteran workforce is expected to experience an annual increase of 29% with 1.5 million veterans joining/rejoining the civilian workforce. To confront this overwhelming trend, TrainOurTroops is providing veterans valuable resources and training to develop the hard skills necessary to stand out in a competitive workforce.

TrainOurTroops is a 501(c)(3) non-profit making sure this nation’s veterans are properly equipped to succeed in their transition to a civilian career. Their unique approach helps veterans find success in their civilian careers by addressing needs from the perspective of both veterans and employers. The training and prepare courses veterans receive through TrainOurTroops provides them the in-demand skills employers are looking for today from job candidates. Equally important, TrainOurTroops works directly with employers to provide them the tools to create a productive workplace for veterans.

This holistic approach provides veterans relevant and in-demand training, prepares them for the actual job interview process and increases the overall quality of life for veterans after service. It also creates public awareness for veteran employment and enlists the public sector’s help for employing veterans.

We want to ensure veteran families remain strong in a challenging work environment and be successful in any organization or profession.” –

TrainOurTroops and Homes for Heroes holding Foundation Grant checkAs a non-profit that is doing such extraordinary work to help veterans across the country, The Homes for Heroes Foundation is proud to contribute towards the success of TrainOurTroops. On April 18th, 2018, Homes for Heroes President and CEO, Ruth Johnson, and Hero Outreach Coordinator, Steve Blackwell, presented TrainOurTroops with a $5,000 grant at the the Channel Partners Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, NV. TrainOurTroops will use this grant to further their programs that assist veterans and their spouses in the civilian workforce.

To learn more about how you can support TrainOurTroops initiative, our to apply for their programs, visit,

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