Thank you to all Police

Thank You to All Police Officers

Here’s a thank you to all of the police officers who strive each day to improve the quality of life for everyone in their communities. Your efforts don’t go unnoticed by the people who you serve. So, in honor of National Police Week, we want to say a special thank you to all of the police officers in our lives.

Thank You

You probably don’t realize that you touch so many lives as you go about your job each day. Indeed, many of your interactions are so brief that they don’t even register as a significant event. However, you’re mistaken if you think that you don’t make a positive impression on those individuals who you meet each day. Every act of kindness and compassion that you show to us helps create a stronger community.

For this article, we chatted with a group of diners at a local coffee shop about how you have impacted their lives. The positive memories overflowed as the patrons discussed the many times when you have come to their aid. Here are just a few of the stories that were shared at the table that morning.

A Sick Little Girl

called for help for sick childA mom recalled the time that you came running to her aid when her toddler daughter was locked in a bedroom. The little girl had been sick all day, and her mom thought that she was taking a nap in her bedroom. Things got scary for the mom when she went to check on her and found the door locked. She knocked on the door over and over, but her little girl didn’t respond. Frantic, she phoned 911, and a kind operator gathered information and kept talking to her until you arrived. You quickly assessed the situation and managed to force the bedroom door open.

Within minutes, the emergency medical team responded and brought the toddler to the hospital. She was diagnosed with scarlet fever and had a very high temperature. Due to the prompt medical care, she made a complete recovery and is a happy teenager today.

Her mom wants to thank you for responding so quickly and helping her daughter get the emergency medical assistance that she needed.

College Students in the Big City

Police helping in New YorkAnother diner recalled the college trip that she took to New York City. It was her first trip to a big city, and she felt a little overwhelmed with the crowds and traffic. Nonetheless, she and her companion spent a busy day shopping and checking out the tourist sites. Eventually, it was time to meet up with the rest of her group at Grand Central Terminal.

Unfortunately, the young women were not able to find the train station and were getting worried as their train was scheduled to leave within minutes. Luckily, you were standing on a sidewalk, and the young women decided to ask you for help. Well, not only did you point them in the right direction, you walked with them until the front entrance of the terminal came into view.

The college student, now a science teacher, wants you to know that she had a terrific time in Manhattan that day and has had a soft spot for the city ever since.

Grandmother and the Pitbulls

woman walking her dogA senior woman enjoyed walking her dog through her neighborhood every afternoon. One day, as she was strolling near a local school, two large pit bulls charged toward her and her little dog. She bent down to pick up her dog and was knocked down by one of the large dogs. Fortunately, a teacher saw the woman fall and was able to grab the dog’s collar.

The woman was physically unhurt but very shaken by the event. The school phoned for help, and once you secured the pit bulls in a fenced area until animal control could arrive, you focused on the senior woman.

The lady doesn’t remember all of the details of that day, but she recalls that you chatted with her about her dog and then you learned that her son was also a police officer. She remembers that you sat with her while the paramedics examined her and then you gave her a ride home. You held her arm and helped her up the stairs to her front door and then explained what had happened to her daughter.

Your kindness that day made the senior woman feel safe to continue her daily walk in the neighborhood, and she took a nice long stroll the very next day.

Lemonade and Homeless Pets

It was a very sticky summer day in a midwestern city, and two little girls decided to sell lemonade to earn money for the local humane society. With a bit of assistance from their mother, the girls set up their stand and began selling plastic cups filled with cold lemonade. You noticed the lemonade stand and parked your car so that you could purchase a cold drink. Unfortunately, the girls had run out of cups and informed you that they couldn’t sell any more drinks until their mom had a chance to go to the grocery store.

You asked the girls what they were going to do with the proceeds from their bustling business and they described to you how much the animals at the shelter needed the money for toys and food. Reaching into your wallet, you gave the humane society a very healthy donation.

Your caring donation reinforced the importance of community service to these young girls. You made a difference in the lives of the girls and the animals at the shelter.

In choosing a career as a police officer, you’ve picked a path that is often challenging and stressful. Along the way, the negative part of your job might make you fear that you’re not impacting the lives of the people who you serve. Please know that you do make an impact on people each day through your countless acts of kindness that defeated fear and frustration.

Thank you for your dedication. We are proud that you serve in our communities.

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