Month of the Military Child – Honoring Our De”Serving” Kids

March is the Month of the Military Child. We honored these de”serving” children by asking you to submit the photo of the special military child in your life with a special note. These are the photos and special messages you shared with us. 

Child sitting on the floorAvery loves her hero, can’t wait to help him take off his boots after along day. – Renate

Father sitting with childDaddy’s little girl! – Brad

Father sitting with his children[Surprised the girls, after deployment #6, with daddy arriving home, in a helicopter on the school playground. Best surprise EVER! – Alisa


Child with bowtieHandsome just like his dad! – Deidre

Young ladyShe made military police in North Valley Military Institute! – David

Mother holding childMy husband and I struggled a lot with our PTSD from our deployment but our kids brought us back together and we renewed our vows. – Lindsey

Child hiding behind a boot

Daddy served in Afghanistan twice and almost didn’t make it back the second time. Mommy served one tour. – Amanda

Family standing in front of a Christmas treeThese are my babies. My son is 9 and daughter 5 months. Being a military family is tough sometimes, but wouldn’t trade it for the world! – Karol

Father and son shooting water guns

My rock Dylan Lazar and I … This retired USMC Purple Heart Veteran is so glad to have him in my life… Thanks Dylan – Jeffery

Father with childAvery and her daddy. She loves and looks up to him. He spent 6 years active duty Air Force, and currently serves in the Air National Guard.

Baby sitting in father's military fatiguesAiden is a very adventurous little boy. He loves being outside, swimming, reading books and being crazy. – Sarah




Thank you to all those who shared their photos and messages with us. And a special thank you to military children. We understand you serve and sacrifice too. 




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