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Make the Most of Daylight Savings Time

The time to make the clocks spring forward an extra hour is back. And while most of us look forward to adjusting our schedules for daylight savings time, now is the ideal time to tidy up your home.

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7 Simple Home Maintenance Tips

Below are some helpful tips for making the most of your extra morning hour, and how you can make your home sparkling clean. And for more tips and exclusive discounts, be sure to head over to our local deals page here.

Rise and Shine

Daylight savings always occurs on early Sunday morning. You have a day to adjust to the new time and extra hour. That means starting Monday, your morning will be brighter and earlier.

And while we would all love that extra hour of sleep back, it is easier to kick off your Spring Cleaning with extra time. Use the early morning sun and cooler morning temperatures to open some windows as you clean.

Not only will your home smell fresher, but it will help move some of the stirred dust outside. That means fewer sniffles and less dust landing back on furniture.

Opened doors and windows will also eliminate lingering smells. That works exceptionally well on old cooking odors.

Change Smoke Detector Batteries

Seemingly every state’s fire safety professionals recommend using daylight savings as a natural reminder for smoke detectors. If it’s time to adjust the clocks, then it’s time to swap batteries.

Most homeowners ignore their smoke detectors until it chirps late at night. But since you’re already losing some sleep, why not make sure you don’t miss more time later?

Many smoke detector models are simple to swap the batteries in. Most rely on 9-volt batteries, while others may not need any at all.

In either case, carefully climb a step stool or small ladder and just follow the instructions on the detector. The hardest step is usually snapping it back into place.

Daylight Savings is also a great time to make sure that any collected dust is cleaned off.

Inspect HVAC Systems

The change in time also signifies a change in seasons. As a result, you’ll likely find it challenging to adjust your thermostat just right.

It won’t help, however, if there are maintenance issues that need to get addressed first. Running a heating or cooling unit with clogged filters and aging fan blades will lead to mechanical problems later.

Not every homeowner is an expert at inspecting HVAC components. But, many companies will offer an inspection relatively cheaply because they want your business to repair them.

Also, if you are comfortable doing so, there are plenty of resources online to fix more conventional heating and cooling issues. Just make sure you remain safe attempting repairs yourself because there are many electrical components involved.


Spruce Up Your Yard

Spruce Up Your YardAn additional hour of sunlight means now is the perfect time to tackle your yard issues. Whether you’ve neglected your plants because of winter or you just didn’t have the time before, now there are fewer excuses.

Make life easy on yourself by placing a large tarp in the center of your yard. By pilling all of your lawn debris on it, you can remove it a little quicker. Otherwise, consider purchasing yard waste cans or other garbage receptacles. That will help you dispose of it on designated trash pickups.

Speaking of, look up what your city waste service will and won’t take away. You may need to call them for a bulk yard pickup or a specialty service visit.


Eliminate Unused Clutter

Eliminate Unused ClutterIt’s easy to hold on to old clothing, furniture, and decorations, but these items are just taking up space. Now that winter is officially over, and you know what cold weather clothing you do and don’t need, it’s the perfect time for donation runs.

One of the first items on your spring cleaning list is to round up your home’s unused or unwanted personal items. Although time-consuming, you’ll be glad you took the time to handle this step.

Unnecessary clutter just steals away some of your precious indoor living space. And, some studies suggest it may cause or worsen anxiety.

Best of all, by donating to local, accredited charity organizations, you know that your items will assist those in need right in your community. Don’t always assume that the big-name companies are the most helpful.


Clean Glass Surfaces

Now that sunlight is readily available, you’ll likely find all the handprints on your glass surfaces. Whether you want to or not, you’ll have to address them.

You will need to lift interior glass areas, like end tables, for the harder to reach spaces. Glass windows and doors will likely need a bit more elbow grease.

There are cleaning products that attach directly to a garden hose that may do this chore a bit quicker. Or, for a more natural approach, white distilled vinegar is a practical cleaning solution.

Another surprising cleaning agent is vodka. The alcohol burns through sticky messes and leaves behind a clean glass surface without streaks.


Flip Your Mattress

Flip Your MattressIf you consistently wake up with a stiff neck or sore shoulders, you may want to flip your mattress over. Although a good bed can last nearly a decade, the springs or foam wear out where you always sleep on it.

We all have that perfect sleeping position. But over time, your bed forms a little too well to your body.

By flipping your mattress over, it allows your bed to spread the pressure more evenly. You’ll find that you’ll purchase a new mattress less often and that you’ll wake up a little less pained.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to clean the area under your bed. Chances are, there are plenty of dust bunnies that need to go.


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