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Why Homes for Heroes Cares About the Teacher Burnout Epidemic-and What We’re Doing About it

Teachers across the nation are suffering from a burnout epidemic. Being a good teacher is physically, emotionally, and mentally demanding. It requires a lot of long hours and dedication to giving students the tools they need to succeed in the classroom and life. They are the backbone of our society, but they are exhausted.

Teachers often go underpaid and underappreciated by the government and society for what they do to help our children and our communities. They put themselves through years of school and training, rack up thousands of dollars in student loans and barely make enough to get by once they enter the profession they chose, let alone pay back all those loans. It’s easy to get discouraged when you feel unappreciated in the workplace.

For people who do so much for society and generations to come, Homes for Heroes is honored to show their appreciation and support by offering rewards and deals on home ownership to heroes like teachers. Homes for Heroes is committed to assisting you on your path to owning a home and saving you as much money as possible. We know you’re tired and may want to give up, but let us give you a boost with a place to call your own. Sign up today with Homes for Heroes to speak with an affiliated specialist to see what deals you qualify for.


How Common is Teacher Burnout?

teacher burnout from too much workTeacher burnout is not only a national epidemic, but teachers in several countries suffer from extreme mental exhaustion due to being overworked. Several even suffer from anxiety from the stress. In the United States, about half a million teachers leave the profession every year. Roughly forty-one percent of teachers leave the job after just four years. The teachers of our communities are struggling, but who could blame them after thinking about their demands.

Most teachers choose the profession because they want to make a difference in children’s lives. They are selfless individuals who dedicate their lives to helping children learn and develop.

Teachers go through years of school and pass several assessments just to be able to teach.

So, what causes them to be overcome from the commitment and dedication to the profession? One of the most common contributors to teacher burnout is the volume of work. They are given too much work to complete and not a lot of time. The environment is overstimulating and doesn’t provide adequate resources. The behavior of the students is a significant problem, too. For those with children, they understand how stressful they can be sometimes, so imagine having 15 to 35 that you’re responsible for every day.

The stress and expectations of teachers are enough to make any sane person schedule an appointment at the local psychiatrist. That is, of course, if their insurance will cover it. Many teachers face skyrocketing premium costs with essential medications not being included.


What Can Homes for Heroes Do to Help?

Having a place of your own to call home is a huge relief. Just to come home to at the end of the day and relax is something many take for granted. It’s imperative to your health after long stressful days at school. Homes for Heroes exists for helping teachers recharge by owning their own home. Renting can add to the stress teachers already face daily. When renting, you must ask permission from the landlord before making any significant changes to the property. A mortgage can cost even less than paying rent each month and give you more freedom with your own home. Teachers that own houses are less likely to move or give up.


Hero Rewards

Homes for Heroes offer deals for helping you save money on purchasing a home. We will simplify the process of owning a home and save you an average of over $1,500 when you buy with us. Sign up and receive a phone call within 24 hours with our affiliate real estate agents who can speak with you about deals you may qualify for as one of our country’s heroes. In a society that overworks and underappreciates you, let Homes for Heroes say thank you by assisting you in finding and purchasing your home.  Our mission is minimizing your stress and maximizing your savings.


Local Deals

In addition to assisting you in purchasing a home to show our appreciation to you for your service to our community and children, Homes for Heroes offers business deals in your area specifically for you. As a teacher, you spend money out of your pocket to purchase school supplies, snacks, and teaching supplies. We offer discounts to businesses in your area that can help you save money.



we appreciate all teachersIn a teaching profession, you often do work that is unpaid. Not only do you work at school, but you then go home to grade papers, make lesson plans, and much more. A dedicated teacher never stops thinking about the students, and the mental stress doesn’t just end when school is over. You go home to think about the student who never seems to bring enough food for lunchtime or the one who is always tired and falling asleep in class. These worries are all on top of the general stress of your everyday life associated with the cost of living. Many teachers live paycheck to paycheck, so the savings that Homes for Heroes offer is crucial in helping you feel less stressed and more appreciated.

Teachers are essential people in our society. Without you, the economic system would fail terribly. Here at Homes for Heroes, we know it’s not easy being a teacher. We know you’re tired and emotionally stressed but, we don’t want you to give up. We don’t want the years you spent educating yourself to go to waste because of the demands of the profession. It’s heroes like you that Home for Heroes exists to serve. We appreciate what you do for our society, and we want to show you by saving you money and helping you purchase a home that you can call your own

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