Home Loans for Teachers

Home Loans for Teachers – How to Get one AND Save Money

At Homes for Heroes, we recognize the immense dedication teachers have not only for the students that sit in their classrooms, walk through the hallways of the schools, and play on the playground each day. We staff our nation’s schools with some of the best and the brightest teachers in the world.


Teachers are an integral part of our lives. From Kindergarteners learning how to read and write to multiplication tables, then advanced chemistry in High School, teachers are a part of our formative years, and they witness significant milestones in our lives during the hours, and often after hours, that we are in school.

best home loans for teachersEveryone has been impacted in their lives at some point by teachers. We know that becoming a teacher is a calling of the heart, and often that calling leaves teachers with salaries are usually low. Teachers are continually putting a portion of their paycheck back into the classroom as they purchase much-needed supplies for their students from their wallet.

Home ownership for these everyday heroes of the classroom, playground, and blacktop does not have to be something that teachers forsake in the quest for bettering the next generation through their gifts as a teacher. There are ways that teachers can find affordable housing options and can make their dream of homeownership a reality.



Teachers are community-minded individuals that often take teaching positions in hard to staff districts. By revitalizing education in the classroom, dedicated teachers make an enormous impact on their community. For many students, a teacher is the only source of positive influence and a role model. They change districts one teacher and one student at a time.

Teachers looking to purchase homes in their district can continue that cycle of change through home ownership. At Homes for Heroes, we have made it our mission to help everyday heroes like teachers on their path to home ownership.


Ways that Teachers Can Save Money

Ways that Teachers Can Save MoneyThere are several ways that teachers can save money, not only on school supplies but also for savings on their home loans. There are many discounts that teachers receive through retailers throughout the year that can help cut the cost of everyday items to help teachers save money.

Homes for Heroes offers a search option for teachers to find deals in their communities and nationwide. Retailers, like Discount School Supply, provide clearance items and regular priced items at a discounted rate for educators. There are also a couple of other ways that teachers can save money throughout the year.

Homes for Heroes also has a dedicated page to searching out local deals through businesses with offers for teachers and the many other heroes that Homes for Heroes dedicates efforts to help. Search out deals in your location and start saving today.


Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation WeekTeacher Appreciation Week for 2018 falls from May 7th through May 11th. During the week, check your local retailers to see what deals they offer. Nationwide chains, such as Barnes & Noble, often have an on-going teacher discount or educator discount throughout the year for savings on classroom supplies and books.

Teacher Appreciation Day falls on May 8th. Retailers nationwide typically offer discounts on items like coffee (teachers can never have enough coffee), discounts from restaurants, and other possible savings. Homes for Heroes provides a search program on their website to help teachers and everyday heroes find cuts in their area, as well as nationwide.


Savings on Home Loans

Savings on Home LoansFrequently, for teachers, it seems that loans are somewhat of a negative word. We know that teachers commonly take out loans to finish up the high standards of education and ongoing education that is required to maintain licensure and to employ best practices in the classroom.

Homes for Heroes wants to help you find the home of your dreams, and save you money in the process. Homes for Heroes, established in 2002, has dedicated their entire business to helping everyday heroes like teachers by saving them money throughout the home buying, or selling, process.

At Homes for Heroes, we work with the most extensive nationwide real estate professionals, and lending professionals, to help you with the home buying process and save you money. Homes for Heroes works with you to not only make sure you can find a house that checks all your boxes but also helps along the way by providing cash savings on your purchase.


How We Work

First, SIGN UP to get in touch with a Homes for Heroes affiliate. There is no obligation once you have signed up, just a conversation to see what you are looking for and whether you are looking to buy, sell, or refinance a home. We help teachers find home loans that work for them.


Steps to Working With Us

  • Sign up on our website.
  • Work with our specialists
  • Buy a home, and receive hero rewards

From there, we will work with you throughout the process. At Homes for Heroes, we make the home buying process one that is an endeavor to help you save money. For instance, if you purchase a home with the price of $220, 000, Homes for Heroes will save you $1540.00. And that’s just the start of the savings we offer.

To be eligible for savings in your area, make sure you are contacting a Homes for Heroes affiliate professional to help you in the area that you are looking to purchase, refinance, or sell a home. The savings do not only apply to home purchases because refinancing and selling your home will also result in Hero savings!


Helping Heroes is Why We Do What We Do

At Homes for Heroes, we are dedicated to helping individuals in their process to find the home that is right for them. Teachers are everyday heroes in and out of the classroom. It is our honor to help you save money and give back to you. Our way of saying thank you is by supporting our teachers that show up every day and give their all to the classroom and their students.

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