2 thoughts on “Good Combo for Hero Homebuyers: HFH Partners with DownPayment Resource™

  1. Hi Maria, thank you for sharing your experiences. It sounds like you’re already working with a real estate agent or lender. Therefore, we do not encourage you to make a change. However, if that is not the case, you may benefit by working with one of our affiliate real estate specialists who are experienced in working with heroes who have a challenging financial history. Simply sign up at HomesForHeroes.com and our affiliate real estate specialist in your area will contact you. The home buying/selling process can present challenges. That’s why we are dedicated to streamlining the process and providing significant savings to our heroes. Thank you for your compliments. We will continue to provide savings opportunities and tips to our nations community heroes, like you. And we thank you for your service, Maria. All the best to you and your family. – Luke

  2. Thank you for supporting the workers that are making a difference in our communities. I am a teacher, working very very hard, with my school community to make it possible for our large population of Low and Reduced lunch students to succeed academically. On the side I am trying to by my own house, after I realized that I will be paying less than I am actually paying for rent, and I will be investing in my own future. It has been a very difficult road, because I have not being able to accumulate for the down payment. After loosing my husband tragically, I had to come back on my feet, recover financially and took me time, but I did. Today I am debt free, a great FICO score, and with a very decent salary just for one person, my daughters are adults now. However, I had not enough time to save. That is my blocking stone in the process. I have lost a lot of opportunities just because my FHA loan is rejected, o not attractive to sellers. And the search has been a frustrating process. Thank you for the article. Perhaps there are other resources out there that I was not aware of and that will make the difference. May God bless you.

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