Woman teacher helping a boy student with a problem at the whiteboard with the text overlay of home loans for teachers

2 thoughts on “Home Loans for Teachers | Save on Mortgages for Teachers

  1. I work for LAUSD as a special ed assistant. My mom recently passed and has a reverse mortgage on the house. My brother has a lein on it. My sister and I would like to save the family home by refinancing it. What options do we currently have?

    1. Hi Selisia – Thank you for asking for assistance. To provide the best answers, please register here and we will connect you with our mortgage specialist in your area. They will reach out to you to introduce themselves. There’s no obligation to refinance with our specialist. But, they will give you the most relevant information regarding your situation. We hope to work with you, and thank you for your service in education. All the best, Selisia. – Luke

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