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8 thoughts on “How Much House Can I Afford? | Home Affordability Calculator

    1. Hi Janet, if you’re asking whether you would qualify for a mortgage loan, the short answer is it depends. Our local specialists follow all state and federal lending regulations and credit score is of the many factors used to determine whether you qualify for a mortgage. The best way to find out is to sign up and speak with our local mortgage specialist. They have insight needed to determine if qualify for a mortgage loan.

    1. Great question Terri! There are several factors when looking at qualifying for a mortgage when it comes to credit score. You can sign up here to talk with Homes for Heroes real estate and loan specialists. They can look at your individual circumstances and finances and let you know what you qualify for.

    1. We’re excited to help you on your home journey Sherry! We’re glad you like your Homes for Heroes affiliate!

  1. I am wanting to buy a home in Independence,MO. I have a pre-approval letter from a mortgage company, but am hoping to save money through your program. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

    1. Hello Theresa, please take a moment to register on our website and our local specialist can guide you on the best options available to you. I can tell you if you already have pre-approval from a loan officer, Homes for Heroes would not be able to work with you on your mortgage. But, our agent specialist could assist you with the home purchase and help you save. Thank you for reaching out, Theresa, and thank you for your service!

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