Grand Strand MOAA Homes for Heroes Foundation Grant Helps Grand Strand Veterans

4 thoughts on “$3,750 Homes for Heroes Foundation Grant Supports Grand Strand Veterans

  1. I served in the ARMY as an enlisted Soldier. I read in the description above how Homes for Heroes provides services to officers and warrant officers. I did not read anything about enlisted Soldiers. Do enlisted Soldiers qualify for the same services offered from Homes for Heroes?

    1. Hi Chris, absolutely! You, as an enlisted soldier definitely qualify. This article simply covers only one donation made by our Homes for Heroes Foundation to a specific military organization who’s members are officers. Our Foundation provides grants like these to hero organizations to further assist heroes. However, Homes for Heroes provides personal savings to heroes like you when you buy/sell/refinance a home or mortgage with our local real estate and mortgage specialists. If you’re interested in learning more from our local specialists, please register online and we will inform our specialist(s) in your area to contact you. We would be honored to serve you. Thank YOU for your service, Chris!

  2. I already have been approved for a mortgage through American Pacific mortgage. I was just trying to see what this homes for heros was and what they do thank you

    1. Hi Tara, Homes for Heroes is the largest nationwide network of real estate agents and lenders who provide their services to firefighters, EMS, law enforcement, military, healthcare professionals and teacher heroes and save them money. The average hero saves $2,400 by working with our agent, lender, title and home inspection specialists. The only way to receive the home buying or selling savings we offer is to work with our affiliate agent and lender in your area. It sounds like you’re already working with a lender, therefore, if you want to ask that lender to look into our program, simply ask them to sign up at and our account team will speak with them. Regardless, we wish you the best with your home purchase! – Homes for Heroes

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