advantages of buying a home

8 Advantages of Buying a House

We have all heard financial experts speak about the incredible benefits of owning a home, and we agree with them. From tax benefits to capital gains, our team at Homes For Heroes wants to break down the top eight benefits of owning a home for you, and explain just how these benefits will work for you and your family long term.

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Buying a Home in 2018 - What to Expect

Buying a Home in 2018 – What to Expect

Buying a home is one of the critical aspects of the American dream. It’s something we all strive for and is often on the wishlist of every adult at some point in their lives. The real estate market has improved significantly in the last several years. What once might have seemed like something out of your reach, now is possible with help from Homes for Heroes as we save you money on your home purchase.

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Everything You Need to Know About the 2018 Winter Olympics

The 2018 Winter Olympics is set to broadcast on NBC. The games start early on Thursday, February 8th. The schedule for the official Opening Ceremonies is Friday, February 9th. NBC will also be posting the games online for viewers.

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Bad Credit Mortgage Loans with Guaranteed Approval Really a Good Idea

Are Those “Bad Credit Mortgage Loans with Guaranteed Approval” Really a Good Idea?

Purchasing a home is challenging enough as it is. But when your credit score isn’t the best, it can seem nearly impossible. Sometimes it feels as if the only lending choice is one of those “bad credit mortgage loans, guaranteed approval!” programs. But before signing on the dotted line, you may want to reconsider your options. These lenders guarantee approval for a reason, and it isn’t just out of the kindness of their hearts. They take on any loan that they can because they charge much higher interest rates! While you may think that you’re doing yourself a favor, you may wind up getting married to a loan for a long time to come. And the worst thing about it is that most of your payments aren’t even touching the principle.

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should I buy or rent

Wondering How to Get a Mortgage So You Can Stop Paying Rent?

While renting is a positive solution for many individuals and families, homeownership is another option that makes more sense for many. The bridge from rent to homeownership may seem challenging, but after weighing the possibility, many realize that homeownership is a better fit for their lifestyle. Let’s evaluate the advantages of homeownership (compared to rent) to determine whether it’s right for you.

If you do decide that homeownership is the way to go, Homes for Heroes has solutions to help you get started. We’re here for you – every step of the way.

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Worried about Bad Credit

Worried about Bad Credit? Homes Loans Could Still be in Your Future- Here’s How

Many believe that the hardest part of purchasing a home is finding the right place to live. However, anyone who went through the lending process can tell you otherwise.

Receiving approval for a home loan is a confusing process. However, gaining approval with low credit scores can feel next to impossible. Before you give up hope, know that there are ways to still get a home loan with bad credit. In fact, you may already qualify!

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Why We Love Working with First Time Home Buyers

Why We Love Working with First Time Home Buyers

Purchasing your first home is an intimidating process. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to work with first time home buyers.

Some lenders prefer experienced borrowers, while others knock you over with details and legal jargon. It’s enough to send anyone out of the room in a panic!

Homes for Heroes loves assisting the first time homeowners to find the best house for their exact needs and budget. We believe giving back to everyday heroes begins with finding a place to call your own.

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Long Distance Moving - A Timeline

Long Distance Moving: A Timeline

For some, moving feels extremely exciting and is seen as an opportunity for new adventures and new beginnings. For others, however, long distance moving represents stress and hassle. Most people probably feel a mixture of both, and these feelings are completely understandable. A long distance move can be made much simpler with proper planning and breaking down big tasks into small, manageable ones. Here is a timeline that will hopefully help you feel in control of the moving process and make it easier and more enjoyable.

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Kimberly Quire registered nurse

Hero Spotlight – Kimberly Quire

“Whatever you’re enduring, remember, this too shall pass.”

Kimberly Quire is a Registered Nurse working and living in Frankfort, Kentucky. Kimberly is the mother of four children, ages 2, 12, 14 and 17. She is the wife of a retired US Army soldier, a true friend and proud American. She is a friend to every person she meets and an inspiration to many. After standing by her husband’s side during his military career, Kimberly decided to pursue a career in nursing and has been a registered nurse for almost six years. Read more

5 Reasons We Wouldn't Have the Super Bowl If Not for Our Heroes

5 Reasons We Wouldn’t Have the Super Bowl If Not for Our Heroes

The first Super Bowl was played on January 15, 1967, following the NFL football season of 1966. The game was created because of a merger agreement between the NFL and their rival league of that time, the AFL or American Football League. In 1966, the two leagues agreed that they would compete in a playoff game every year following the regular season until the agreement began in 1970. After it started, each league was redesignated as a conference and has ever since been played between conference champions to determine an NFL champion for the year.

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