Couple standing inside office signing mortgage loan for first responders Homes for Heroes program

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  1. My son was a civilian volunteer and was on tower one starting on 9/13. He was given a contractors number as l believe you had to be a paid contractor to be there. He is a local 638 steamfitter. He volunteered because they were looking for life he said he knew the towers and being thin he could get into every crevice and he knew all the levels. He was cutting steel working with the fireman. He also had to do the worst!!!! He is registered with WTC Does he gualify for a first responder mortgage program.

    1. Hi Yolanda, a “first responder” is a licensed or certified law enforcement member, firefighter or EMS (emergency medical services) member. If your son is licensed or certified to practice any of these professions, then he qualifies.

    1. Hi Thomas, good question. If the Park Ranger is certified in emergency medical services (EMS), then yes they would qualify for the savings we provide if they buy, sell or refinance a home with our local real estate and mortgage specialists. They would simply sign up online to get started, and a member of our team would follow up to answer questions. Thank you for asking, Thomas!

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