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16 thoughts on “Homes for Heroes Circle of Giving – Strengthening Communities by Giving Back to Heroes

  1. Using the VA loan that helps with the down payment. Is there help for closing cost? I’ve been in touch with Homes for Heroes, I’m just waiting for a member of a realtor company to call me back.

  2. I will be retiring from AZ Dept of Corrections at the end of August of 2026. I plan on moving to Georgia in the Hinesville/Savannah area. I will need to sell my home here and buy a home there in Georgia. What kind of assistance can I get? I will be 59 going on 60 at that time and I really need to make my retirement stretch as much as I can. I will have to get a job to supplement for sure, but I just need to know if this program does offer help to Retired Correctional Officers with the selling and purchasing of homes?

    1. Hi Lisa, the savings Homes for Heroes specifically provides heroes through our local real estate and mortgage specialists in the form of Hero Rewards® (meaning, reduced commissions or fees) do not need to be paid back by the hero. It’s our way to say thank you for your service.

    1. Hi Loretta, we do, but not only homeless veterans. We are a for-profit organization that funds our own non-profit foundation which awards grants every year to organizations across the country who support our heroes, and some of those organizations support our active/veteran military service members and their families. Here are some of the Homes for Heroes Foundation’s 2022 grants awarded to organizations that support our military members:

  3. I am in corrections as a corrections officer for juvenile detention/ jail
    I deal with detained and arrested youths in a 24 hour housing unit. some youths stay as long as 8 months before being direct file or program. juvenile corrections are always forgotten, adult doc fire ems law enforcement hospital gets recognized .

    1. Hi Larry, thank you for writing us. I can assure you corrections is not lost on us. Please take a moment to visit our main law enforcement page on our site and you’ll see in the first paragraph that we mention corrections as part of our law enforcement heroes, and they (you) qualify for the services and savings we provide. Thank you for your service, Larry, and for working with our youth.

  4. I am looking to see if I can get a loan for a home with a buy sell agreement. I am hoping to do this before winter

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