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17 thoughts on “Should I Buy a House in 2019?

  1. It’s good that the rule of supply and demand applies to the housing market. My wife and I are looking into investing in real estate and buying a new home. It seems like our local market is in good supply for its demand. We’ll be looking further into our options.

  2. I thought it was interesting how you said that for potential buyers, federal interest rates don’t matter as much as their credit history. My wife and I are expecting our second child, so we want to move out of our apartment and into a house. It sounds like it might be a good idea for us to consult with a professional to help us decide on which house to buy.

  3. Before purchasing a townhouse, it is important that you know the quality of materials used in building its walls, especially those that are shared with neighboring townhouses. Thanks for sharing a great article.

  4. As with most financial endeavors, timing can be everything, and that goes double for landing a dream home. Pricing, interest rate levels, the calendar month of the year, and your own personal cash situation all can factor in on when to buy.

  5. I love the idea when you say that it’s more cheaper when house is listed on the market longer and the old rule for supply and demand. Thank you for having this blog.

  6. Condos usually have association boards and committees that are comprised of residents to manage the community. In comparison to an apartment community, condo owners have a much stronger voice within their community and how regulations and bylaws govern the community while apartment renters are mainly at the whims of their landlords. Thanks for sharing a great post.

  7. Thank you for pointing out that we need to understand our financial situations first before deciding to buy a house. My partner and I have been planning to invest in buying our own home this year, and I think it’s necessary for us to assess our current credit score. This is to avoid further financial trouble in the future. In the event that we decide to buy one this year, we will consider hiring competent real estate agents, and services that can help us make the most of our money. Thanks for the tip.

    1. Thank you for the feedback, Bree. Maybe you’re not ready yet, but when you are, please consider working with our real estate and mortgage specialists in your area. One of their top priorities is to maximize the money you save. Simply sign up on our website and talk to them. There’s no obligation. Regardless of what you decide, we wish you best. – Luke

  8. If you have your search narrowed down to a few neighborhoods, don’t be afraid to do a deep dive into each of them. If you move there, you’re not only committing to buying property, but you’re effectively becoming a part of the neighborhood’s patchwork. Thanks for sharing great article.

  9. I like how you mentioned that the longer a home is on the market, the lower the price tends to get. Oh of my friends has been saving up a long time for a house, so he’ll be buying one soon. These tips could really help him out. Thanks for the great advice on buying real estate!

  10. One of my friends recently got engaged, so he may be buying a home soon. I like how you mentioned that the longer a home is on the market, the more the price tends to drop. These tips could really help my friend buy a single family home, so thanks for sharing them.

    1. Hi Taylor, thank you for letting us know your friend may find this post helpful. That’s why we’re here: 1) Support our heroes 2) Give back to heroes. Have your friend let us know if there are other ways we can assist.
      Thanks again, Taylor. – Luke

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