2 thoughts on “8 Tips for Negotiating a House Price

  1. Looking to do a first time buyer program. Family of 4. (2) EMS/Firefighters in household. We currently rent but tired of dealing with leases and moving each lease term or if landlord wants to just sell and no longer rent. Want to create a more stable home life for family at a price we can afford. Need min of 2 bedrooms, in Bristol Borough area 19007 due to firehouse and EMS commitments.

    1. Hi Rebecca, thank you for asking. We would be honored to try and help your family of four create a stable home life at an affordable price and save some money too. The best way to get things rolling is to register on our website here: so we can connect you with our specialist(s) in your area. They will contact you to introduce themselves and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to working with you, and we thank you both for your service as first responders! – Luke

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