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Downsizing Your Home

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$3,000 Average Savings When You Downsize Home

If you're interested in moving to downsize your home, what if we said you could save an average of $3,000 when you close on a house? That goes for buying AND selling! If you ever worked or served as a firefighter, EMS, law enforcement, military, healthcare professional or teacher; you qualify for the savings and services that Homes for Heroes and our local real estate agents and mortgage specialists provide to community heroes when they buy, sell or refinance a home or mortgage with us. And, if you're considering downsizing for retirement, saving some money on downsizing your home is a great option.

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Current and Retired Heroes Who Qualify for the Services and Savings We Provide

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Law Enforcement

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Active, Reserves, Veterans

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Healthcare Professionals

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Does Downsizing Your Home Make Sense?

Many boomers plan to sell their current home and downsize into a smaller, single-family house that better fits their future needs as they have entered retirement or plan to soon.

Do you find yourself wanting to move closer to family, prefer to live in a warmer climate, want to reduce the amount of housework and maintenance you’re doing, or you simply want to improve the efficiency of your home to save money? Whatever the reason for wanting to move and downsize your house, Homes for Heroes local real estate and mortgage specialists would be honored to discuss your plans, how their skills and local market insight can help you find what you’re looking for, and also save you an average of $3,000 after closing.

How Do I Get My Savings?

After working with our specialists to close on the purchase or sale of your house, Homes for Heroes will send you a check so you may purchase what you need to start your next chapter!

Register today to speak with your local Homes for Heroes specialist to learn more about how we can assist with your home buying or selling experience, to make the process easier and save you some hard-earned money.

Heroes Who Saved on Their Home by Working With Us

"Thank You for your incredible way of giving back to those that serve. Thank You to our agent for sticking it out with us and continuing to believe that regardless of what our terms were she was there every step of the way encouraging us. No pressure at all and focused on what we were looking for. Did not deviate and did not force us to settle in anyway." - Kanoe

"My real estate agent was very personable and professional. We had an amazing experience throughout our home buying process. I would absolutely recommend him and this program to others. Thank you!!" - Janiece

"My agent was fabulous and talked me through the entire process. She listened to what I had to say and looked for a home that would be comfortable for me. She made sure everything happened afterward as needed as well." - Nicole

"I think this is an amazing program! Sometimes in certain professions you don’t feel important but this helps make you feel important. Thank you so much for this program." - The Topiks

"Our agent was amazing to work with and helped us make the right arrangements to secure a wonderful home for our family!" - Scott

"My agent was incredible and made the process so easy compared to other real estate agents I worked with. The money back was a huge plus." - Cal

Circle of Giving and the Homes for Heroes Foundation

Homes for Heroes Circle of Giving

To expand its Circle of Giving, Homes for Heroes, Inc., donates a portion of its earnings to the Homes for Heroes Foundation.

The Homes for Heroes Foundation awards Hero Grants to local nonprofit charities serving our heroes in need.

Every time a hero like you buys or sells a home using Homes for Heroes real estate and mortgage specialists, you are helping heroes in need, and become a part of the Homes for Heroes Circle of Giving.