This Captain Belongs in the X-Games!

I don’t know if any of our readers are familiar with the cinematic classic least valuable entry in the “The Fast and the Furious” series (that’s not saying much), “Tokyo Drift.”  For yours truly, the above photo instantly brought the mostly forgettable film to mind.

This jaw-dropping image documents a one USS Harry S. Truman, an aircraft carrier that is apparently captained by a daring stuntman.

The man-at-the-wheel, who was not named in the article I used as my source, must be convinced that his ship has comparable handling to a sports car, as it appears he is intent on whipping an impressive 360°  twist with the mammoth vessel. Even Shaun White could appreciate this. Not to mention the ship’s namesake, President Harry Truman.

The photo was snapped by an overhead airplane, which is capturing gorgeous snapshots as the USS Truman conducts sea trials in the Atlantic.

See the image in all its full-size glory: “USS Harry S. Truman performs swing checks.”

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