Thief steals purse from cop at a bar full of police.

Homes for Heroes suggests that you think twice next time you try to steal a purse.

Mark Jimenez eyed up laptops and bags, even while uniformed constables were arriving at the leaving do for Insp Penny Mills.

The 46-year-old still went ahead and pinched a handbag during a speech before being rugby tackled and surrounded by 40 officers.

The incident happened at the Elk bar, just doors away from Fulham police station in west London.

Jimenez was a ‘numbskull’, said cllr Greg Smith, member for crime on Hammersmith and Fulham Council, adding: ‘I can’t believe anyone would be stupid enough to try and pinch a detective’s bag from a room full of officers.’

A police source said of the January incident: ‘It was fairly obvious they were all police.

‘I mean, there were speeches going on praising Penny’s work and a few uniformed officers even popped in to say goodbye.’

Insp Mills said: ‘He put his hands up and said “fair cop”, which is something, I suppose.’

Jobless Jimenez, of Fulham, was given an 18-month commun­ity order and banned from Fulham Broadway pubs at West London Magistrates’ Court last week.

Source is here.

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