The Rescuers: A Week to Thank EMTs

Whew! May has certainly been a busy month thus far! So far every single week of May has been dedicated to a different group of professionals in the service sector: the first week of May honored teachers, the second week recognized nurses, doctors, and all other hospital/healthcare staff, and last week, as you may recall, the nation celebrated National Police Week. Scattered in amongst these weeklong events have been several other significant holidays (Mother’s Day, Military Spouse Day, and Armed Forces Day). Taken all together they render May a month jammed-packed with notable and worthwhile causes!

You may already feel a bit overwhelmed or exhausted, especially if you have made a special effort to personally thank or otherwise convey gratitude to the various groups and people honored this month. If this is indeed the case, you will just have to dig deep and tap your inner energy reserves, because May ain’t over yet and there are still plenty of events and holidays worth celebrating!

Homes for Heroes hopes you are not too worn-out to show your appreciation to an Emergency Medical Technician that you might know or encounter this week, because (yes you guessed it) today marks the start of Emergency Medical Services Week. Emergency medical personnel have dedicated their lives and careers to the health and well-being of the public. Such selfless dedication deserves praise and recognition. So if at all possible, show these heroes how much you value their work. Go out of your way to personally thank an EMT you know or bump into. You and I both know how hard it can be to find the initiative to overcome personal inertia. But I guarantee that any EMT would greatly appreciate hearing your kind words and encouragement.

If this request proves to be too difficult and you happen to suffer a strain, rest assured you will be taken good care of by one of the many dedicated EMTs serving your community.


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