The Case of the Missing Purple Heart: Family Reunited With Long-Lost Medal

Those close to Army Pvt. Corrado Piccoli will no doubt never forget his sacrifice; he was killed while fighting in Italy during WWII, leaving behind mourning family and friends.  He was awarded a Purple Heart for his service, a medal cherished by his surviving family members. However, over time the family lost track of the medal. After failing to locate it for years after it went missing, the family somberly concluded that the medal had been lost forever.

To their complete astonishment, two of Piccoli’s sisters were recently reunited with the medal, thanks to the altruistic efforts and thoughtful determination of another Purple Heart recepient.

Zacharia Fike, a captain in the Vermont Army National Guard, was gifted Piccoli’s Purple Heart this past Christmas, which his mother had found in an antique shop. Zac set out to find the rightful owners and after searching the Internet, he located two of Piccoli’s sisters, Adeline Rockko and Mary Piccoli. After a round of suspicious questioning, Rockko realized just how lucky they were that the medal fell into the Zac’s hands, a gracious young man willing to go out of his way to see that the medal was returned to its rightful owners.

Rockko and Piccoli gratefully received the medal from Zac, and it is now currently on public display in their hometown.

Since discovering and returning Piccoli’s medal, Zac has turned the generous act into somewhat of a hobby, as he has now successfully returned five lost medals to thrilled and appreciative families.

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