National Police Week: A Salute to Officers

Today marks the first day of National Police Week, a week in which we call to mind the work and service of police officers across the nation and remember the many lives lost in the line of duty, sacrificed for the safety and well-being of our citizens and communities.

You may find the following exercise to be a bit silly and childish, but all the same I challenge you to close your eyes and spend a few moments imagining what your community might look like if not for the men and women in blue. In my case, I immediately think of the chaos and disarray that would overtake what now stands as a relatively quiet and safe suburban community. I imagine my peaceful town spiraling into anarchy, crime running amok, and vigilante justice ruling the streets. A freewheeling Wild West scenario may be fun to watch in the movies, but it certainly wouldn’t be any fun to live through.

You may consider my vision to be a tad exaggerated, but when you consider the scope and breadth of the work carried out by your local police force,  you begin to realize just how much they factor into the comfort and safety of our everyday lives.

Keep this in mind throughout the rest of the week. And if at any time this week you find yourself on the shoulder of the road awaiting a speeding ticket, make sure to be polite, because the officer that pulled you over is only doing his/her job and has already sacrificed so much in order that you might enjoy the comforts of a safe and orderly community. Homes for Heroes salutes the men and women of our nation’s police force!


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