An Oasis in the Desert

This photo is currently blowing up on Facebook, (over 22,000 likes as of this posting!) and there is good reason why.  It depicts an American soldier in Iraq tending a plot of grass, a strange sight indeed, but not necessarily anything that at first glance resonates in any meaningful way. But it is the story that accompanies the picture that makes it such a special photo.

This soldier, who was not named anywhere that I could find, was reportedly feeling suffocated by his dry, dusty surroundings. He resolved to do something about it. He made what must have seemed to be quite an odd request to his wife back stateside: send some American soil, along with fertilizer and grass seed so that he could plant and tend his own little plot of green.

As you can see, his wife sent the items and he followed through with his plan.

Walking barefoot through the tiny lawn was enough to magically whisk the soldier and his mates in his unit all the way back home, envisioning carefree summer days of yore, meandering through grassy fields, perhaps accompanied by a loved one.

Apparently it became a tradition for the men to take walks through the grass before being sent out on a mission as a way to bring good luck.

Truly a great reminder that even the small things that we often take for granted can mean so much to someone far away from home.  Or as Joni Mitchell once put it “… you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone”


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