Buy a Home with Homes for Heroes of Renton, Washington

Homes for Heroes is the most extensive network of affiliated real estate specialists in North America dedicated to serving the ones who serve our communities. If you commit your life to helping others, thank you. We want to show our appreciation to you by helping you find the perfect home for you and your family in Renton, Washington. You work hard every day, allow us to work hard to make your home buying process easier than ever.

Homes for Heroes, Inc., was established in Minnesota in 2002 following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. From this came a sense of unity and patriotism that empowered the founders of Homes for Heroes to give back to those that give their all daily.

Not only does Homes for Heroes want to assist you in your journey to home ownership in Renton, WA, we also want to give back to heroes like yourself who may need emergency cash or housing assistance. When you buy a home through us, we’ll donate a portion of the profits to the Homes for Heroes Foundation. From there, the funds donated will be awarded in the form of grants to non-profit organizations committed to helping heroes in need.

Who is a Hero?

Not sure if you qualify as a hero? We consider hero’s to be those who dedicate their lives to helping others in their communities. You are a hero if your career is in:

If you are in the above fields and are looking to buy a home in Renton, WA, sign up today to be connected with a Homes for Heroes affiliated specialist about your wants and needs. This decision will be the start of a journey that will lead you to the home of your dreams.

After Signing Up

After you sign up with Homes for Heroes to purchase a home, we will match you with an affiliated real estate specialist local to Renton, Washington within 24 hours. If you use a Homes for Heroes affiliate real estate specialist to buy or sell a home, you’ll receive a Hero Rewards check in the amount of $700 for every $100,000 of the purchase price after you close. For example, if you buy a home for $300,000, you’ll get a check from Homes for Heroes for $2,100! The same Hero Rewards apply when you’re selling a house as well.

Homes for Heroes can even assist you in financing your home purchase. Our affiliate loan specialists can find you outstanding home loan options while saving you an average of $500 on lender fees. On average you can save an additional $200 when you use Homes for Heroes title and home inspection specialists.

Why Choose Renton?

A home is one of the most significant purchases you’ll ever make. With such a decision, considering location is essential to making sure you and your family are satisfied for the years to come. Moving to, and buying a home in, Renton, Washington is an excellent choice. Nearby Bellevue, Washington, is also an excellent place to live if you’re looking for a Seattle suburb.

Located 11 miles southeast of downtown Seattle and on the southeast shore of Lake Washington, Renton is a place of entertainment and beauty. The town offers a combination of nature and city life. It contains the best of both beaches, mountains, and everything in between.

Here’s more information about Renton to help in your decision-making process.


Having a quality education for your children is one of the leading factors to consider when buying a home. The area of Renton provides many opportunities for children. Three school districts serve the city: Renton School District, Issaquah School District, and Kent School District. These districts combined provide over 30 schools to attend from Pre-k through 12th. While there are no major universities in Renton, there is Renton Technical College which can deliver an associates degree in a variety of programs.


Renton provides many opportunities for work with its variety of businesses and factories. The number one employer in Renton is Boeing Company with over 14,000 employees. Some other top places in town that offer employment opportunities include Valley Medical Center, Paccar, Renton School District, and the Federal Aviation Administration.


It’s always good to be as close to emergency care and doctors as possible when considering relocating. Valley Medical Center is in Renton and is committed to providing quality medical care and exceptional service.


Renton offers several different possibilities for accommodation. Whatever neighborhood or house you have in mind, Renton is sure to provide you with satisfaction whether it’s a modern home in an urban area or a lake house close to Lake Washington. The combination of geography contained in Renton offers a home for every type of hero’s dream.


A few upcoming events for the summer in Renton include the annual Fabulous 4th of July and Renton River Days. Fabulous 4th of July is the most massive one-day event that provides something for everyone including a volleyball tournament, inflatables, and much more.

Renton River Days is an annual multi-day event from July 27-29 in Liberty Park and Cedar River Park. The event will host a parade, arts and crafts, food, entertainment and more to celebrate community pride and culture.


The beauty of Renton is overflowing with the vibrant scenes of rivers, lakes, and beaches to the west and mountainous regions to the east. In addition to natural attractions, Renton also has a variety of museums such as Renton Historical Museum.


Stores are imperative to having a quality way of life. A few shopping options in Renton include The Landing, an outdoor shopping mall, Great Wall Shopping Mall, which is an indoor mall, and Westfield Southcenter that features a movie theatre.

As you can see, Renton has many opportunities for an outstanding quality of life. It’s overflowing with beauty from beaches and mountains. Whatever type of lifestyle you desire to lead, whether it be eventful and busy with public activity or laid back and casual with the occasional hiking or camping trip, Renton has it all.

Homes for Heroes would love to assist you in purchasing a home in Renton, Washington. Allow us to match you with an affiliated specialist local to Renton. We appreciate your hard work and dedication to serving our communities.