Buy a Home With Homes for Heroes in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Every working man or woman in the Twin Cities wants to provide their family with the best that life can offer.  Some people have fortunate occupations and find providing the best of the best an easy task.  Some people, however, don’t consider providing the best a painless job.  A case in point is the public servant.

Working a public service job in Minneapolis is never easy – especially the dangerous jobs.  Sure, it’s rewarding in the sense that you are saving lives and protecting the innocent, but sometimes you may feel underpaid, undervalued, and overlooked. And rightfully so.  Often you are called away from those you love to take care of the needs of others.

Taking care of your own family and giving them the best of everything sometimes feels impossible when your job doesn’t pay a very high salary. Homes for Heroes is a network of real estate professionals and local business affiliates dedicated to giving back to those who serve and protect the public through law enforcement, firefighting and EMS, teaching, healthcare, and military service.

If you are an active or veteran public servant canvassing Minneapolis Real Estate websites for the perfect home for your family, you should first consider reaching out to Homes for Heroes. Through their foundation, real-life heroes have received assistance buying and selling their homes and saved some money in the process. The giving doesn’t stop there. Every time a hero uses the Homes for Heroes program, he or she helps another hero in need.

How does Home’s for Heroes work around Minneapolis?

With over 58 square miles of metropolitan and suburban communities and a total population of over 413,000, the process of finding great homes for sale near the Minneapolis area or in the city itself may seem daunting.  You have to consider your work and school commute options, schools for your kids, and the distance to get to any extracurricular activities.

Nearby Rochester, Minnesota, is the home to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic and offers a small-town feel with world class amenities.

Assistance In Finding the Right Neighborhood  

House shopping based on school districts may also be a bit overwhelming, considering the school district administers about 100 public schools, covering elementary, middle and High schools, alternative, special education, and charter schools.  Homes for Heroes cooperates with local real estate affiliates to offer active duty or veteran public servants the help they need to find the right home and get a great deal.

Getting Started

Getting started is a simple process.  You sign up for the Homes for Heroes program online.  A local real estate specialist will contact you within 24 hours and work with you to find out what your unique needs are and how they can best serve you.  All that remains is to buy your home and reap the savings.

How Homes for Heroes Saves on Costs

You may ask why you should consider using Homes for Heroes to find Minneapolis real estate instead of going straight to a real estate agency.  It’s simple.  Homes for Heroes affiliates have your bests interests at heart. They work to find you as many savings as possible on the cost of your home and on home-related purchases as a way to say thank you for your work and sacrifices.

Buyers using the Homes for Heroes program will receive a Hero Rewards check.  Sellers using the program can save up to 25% in real estate service fees. Heroes who utilize Homes for Heroes to refinance their mortgage may receive reduced lending fees, and “special hero discounts” may be available for local business deals such as loan assistance deals or home improvement discounts when you work with Homes for Heroes affiliates.

Hero Reviews

The reviews on the Homes for Heroes website speak volumes as to the quality and credibility of the foundation.

Consider Michael from Minnesota who says this about the program:

“Flawless transition from renting to owning with great Realtors and lenders.”  

Gwendolyn from Wisconsin makes a case for Homes for Heroes by saying the following:

“Really such a fantastic program and it was very easy to enroll. It really made the difference when we were considering buying a home to make that jump to owning our first home. I don’t know that we would be able to afford the home we are officially closing on next month without the help of the Homes for Heroes program.”

Homes for Heroes doesn’t stop at saving you money. They care about the quality of assistance you receive.  Receiving help to find homes near the Minneapolis area is fantastic in and of itself, but the friendliness and helpfulness of the affiliates go above and beyond the call of duty.  When your real estate specialist makes you feel like family, you know you have found a first-class organization.

Homes for Heroes gives because so much has been given to us by you – our public servants.  “Thank you” doesn’t entirely cover it, but maybe…just maybe…the Homes for Heroes program will help you feel like we’re off to a good start.