Buy a Home With Homes for Heroes in Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Are you looking to buy a new home and live in the Fort Bragg area?  Have you heard of the Homes for Heroes® program?  If you are a Firefighter, law enforcement officer, a member of the military (you can be on active duty, reserve, or a veteran), a healthcare professional, EMS worker, or a teacher,  check out this program!

Realtors Just for Heros

Homes for Heroes has many realtors in the program, right here in Fort Bragg. These realtors are dedicated to helping the heroes of this country (that’s you!) find the homes of their dreams and save money in the process.  The average Homes for Heroes® customer saves around $1500 on their home purchase.  At Homes for Heroes®, they say, “Our mission is to provide extraordinary savings to local heroes who provide extraordinary services to our community every day.”

Sound too good to be true?  Are you wondering what the catch is?  There is no catch, and there is no red tape, you just enroll in the program, and one of the Homes for Heroes® real estate agents assists you in the buying process.  The program was created in the aftermath of 9/11 as a way to thank those who serve.

Fort Bragg and Fayetteville

The Fort Bragg military base is located just outside Fayetteville, North Carolina, and the community there has much to offer.  It is the largest military installation with over 50,000 service members on duty.  The beautiful town of Fayetteville is home to numerous historic brick buildings, cobblestone walks, historical museums, and excellent cuisine.  They pride themselves on patriotism and a close community who loves their rich history and culture.  The downtown area boasts clean streets, plenty of shopping, fun entertainment spaces, and lots of delicious places to eat.

Take advantage of the Fort Bragg real estate market in Fayetteville, too, where you can find homes for sale near Fort Bragg for a great price.  Some beautiful three bedroom and two bathroom homes go for under 200 thousand.  Several neighborhoods near Fort Bragg are home to excellent schools for kids and also great parks for the little ones’ recreational needs.

North Carolina Living

Living in North Carolina is a wonderful thing.  For Fort Bragg Residents, you can be on the Carolina beaches in just a couple of hours soaking up the warm sun and swimming in the gentle waves.  The water is warm her for most of the year, as the current comes up from the South rather than on the Pacific where it comes down from the north.  Dolphins can be spotted just about daily, and the weather is most often fair and pleasant.  You can be in Charlotte, the largest city in North Carolina, in about three hours going from Fort Bragg area.  Charlotte has a booming economy, a beautiful skyline, and was ranked as the country’s fastest-growing metro area between 2004 and 2012.  Myrtle Beach in South Carolina is just over two hours away, where you can be in the midst of a sixty-mile long string of beautiful sandy beaches.  Myrtle Beach is known for its fun atmosphere with lots to enjoy for the whole family.  Booming nightlife, arcades on the boardwalk, celebrity-designed golf courses, Family Kingdom amusement park, and one of the America’s biggest Ferris wheels–the SkyWheel.

No Better Time to Buy a Home Near Fort Bragg

Right now the Fort Bragg real estate market is a buyer’s market.  A buyer’s market means you have more leverage for getting a great deal on a home because there is a high inventory for buyers to choose from, and sellers are eager to get their homes sold.  Prices are low right now, and North Carolina’s housing market is on the rise, which means you’ll be getting instant equity in your new home.  And with the Homes For Heroes program, you’ll save more money than the average home buyer.  There is a surplus of homes for sale near Fort Bragg right now.  Beautiful homes are going for well under the national averages.

The climate in Fayetteville is known for humid summers and mild winters. You can enjoy “summer weather” for just about nine months out of the year, with an average of over 200 sunny days a year despite the average rainfall being about 46 inches yearly.  July highs are around 90 degrees, and January lows are just above 30.

If you are looking into buying in the Fort Bragg area, check out the Homes for Heroes website.  

Of the “Heroes” who bought, sold or refinanced their homes through the Homes for Heroes program, 92 percent of them gave 5-star reviews.

One customer named “Luis” from Florida stated, “The team of professionals that made my dream come true, honor the name of the program. They kept me informed every step of the way. They never treated me like a number and took the time to understand what I needed for my family. The best way to explain my experience is as follows; I provided the canvas, and they painted the masterpiece.”

Check out Homes for Heroes, enroll, and save some money today.