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Homes for Heroes | Sheila Miller

Sheila MillerHomes for Heroes is pleased to welcome our new Affiliate, Sheila Miller!

“I decided to become a HOMES for HEROES® affiliate when I realized it was a large part of fulfilling my purpose as a full time Realtor in Southern Maryland.  I utilize my career in Real Estate as a buyer and seller’s agent, by giving back the benefits to Heroes. The passion I have for negotiating, keeps me determined to get the job done for a client who is selling or buying a home.  Being part of a military family for 22 years, and a former teacher I recognize the commitment and sacrifices of the Heroes that support our community and the special sacrifices of family members as well.

My decision for HOMES for HEROES® is very personal.  After being involved in a traumatic automobile accident, I received urgent care on the scene from numerous local firefighters, law enforcement officials, medevac units, special care from medical professionals and the Maryland Shock Trauma Team.   I also give thanks to the clergymen involved for their emergency prayer.  I am one of the many stories told and forever grateful to these men and women who proudly serve our Community and Country so we can sleep well at night.  My commitment to HOMES for HEROES® is to give back to a well-deserved group that otherwise might be unrecognized. Today I stand tall and honor the heroes of the military, physicians, medical professionals, law enforcement officers, teachers and clergymen.  To each individual I offer my expertise and time for a house they can call home as my commitment to these extraordinary Heroes.”

Welcome to the Team!

Homes for Heroes | Traci Voss

Traci VossHomes for Heroes is happy to welcome our new Affiliate, Traci Voss!

“With experience in the mortgage business since 1998 and a loan officer since 2000, I strive to be the best at communication and offering the best service to my clients.  I have built my success on referrals and repeat business and have worked with many Heroes in the past. When I was introduced to Homes For Heroes, I thought the idea was truly a blessing!  What better way to help those who have served the community and those who have risked their lives for their fellow Americans.  I am thrilled to give back to our Heroes as they have made our community safe, and a great place to live.  I truly believe in ‘Service Deserves Rewards’, and it is our way of saying thank you to all of them!”

Welcome to the Team!

Homes for Heroes | Richard Smith

Richard SmithHomes for Heroes is happy to welcome our new Affiliate, Richard Smith!

“I am honored to be a part of ‘Home for Heroes’ community. As a Branch Manager for Leader One Financial Corp, I have included donations in the past to different organizations including the area fire departments and police officer organizations in the communities but have been looking for something consistent and with more meaning. When I heard about Homes for Heroes I was immediately interested because of the multitude of Heroes ranging from Military personnel, Teachers, Police officers, Firefighters and the Medical community and the way we can immediately assist them. This program is a great way to help the people that deserve it most in the community with the dream of home ownership, and to let them know that they are greatly appreciated. I am extremely honored to be an Affiliate of Homes for Heroes family.”

Welcome to the Team!

Homes for Heroes | Krystine Shonfelt

Krystine ShonfeltHomes for Heroes is happy to introduce our new affiliate, Krystine Shonfelt!

Krystine Shonfelt is an Associate Broker with Keller Williams Cityside in Smyrna, GA.  She has been a full time, full service Realtor since 2002 and has helped many families find the perfect home. Krystine is passionate about the Homes for Heroes program and can attest to the fact that the Heroes whom she has helped so far have been amazed with what the program provides them when buying a house. Krystine has helped recruit Friends of Heroes that include a Home Inspector and a Closing Attorney that have discounted their services for the Heroes, as well as Scentsy Wickless Candles who donate their product for each closing. Krystine has always provided full service to all of her clients, but with Homes for Heroes, it strikes a chord as she appreciates the service provided by these men and women who protect us in the world today and she wants to return the service and show her gratitude by making the home buying experience as stress free as possible while saving the Heroes money along the way.

Welcome to the Team!

HFH Welcomes Gianni Cerretani

Homes for Heroes is proud to introduce our new affiliate, Gianni Cerretani!

“I have been working in the finance and real-estate industry for my entire professional career of over 10 years. I have had many successful ventures and achieved plenty of goals both within residential and commercial financing. Even though I have helped thousands of people obtain financing and guide them towards their goals I never felt like I was doing enough with my talents to really make a serious positive impact on this world. Then I was introduced to The Homes for Heroes program! This was the vehicle I needed to help fill that void! I am very passionate about helping out our local Heroes so that they understand that we appreciate everything they do each and every day and know that without them the foundation of our civilization would surely crumble! I am blessed to be a part of the program and now have a new drive in my career to get the word out about Homes for Heroes to as many human beings as possible! Outside of work I enjoy donating my time to help out Habitat for Humanity and other charities. I am also a cancer survivor so I do my best to bring awareness to these charities as much as possible. I am also a practicing martial artist that received my black belt in Kempo Karate when I was only 4 years old. I now practice Mauy Thai Boxing and Japanese Jui Jit Su! I enjoy cooking and also spending time with my wife and family and going to church! One of my favorite things to do is to cook my wife her favorite meal, homemade chicken parmesan and angel hair pasta!”

Welcome to the Team!

HFH Welcomes Ruth McMasters

Ruth McMastersHomes for Heroes is proud to welcome our new affiliate, Ruth McMasters!

Ruth McMasters is a full time real estate broker with Realty 1 Properties in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Prior to real estate, she had an extensive career in management in Wholesale Mortgage Industry for over 35 years.

“When I heard about the Homes for Heroes program, I knew I wanted to get involved. It allows me the opportunity to offer a significant discount to people who serve and make a difference in our community. When I see someone in the military, I have always made a point to say ‘Thank you’, but that is not enough. With Homes for Heroes, it gives me the chance to give back and say “Thank you” to not only the military personnel; but to Winston Salem area teachers, firefighters, health care providers, and law enforcement. Unfortunately, much, much too often, these everyday heroes are not recognized for the contribution they make, so I am extremely proud to be affiliated with this program. When I found Homes for Heroes, I thought ‘WOW, what a wonderful thing to do’;  not only for our military families, but for all the heroes in our lives. I thought for me to give a portion of my income back to the families to help them buy or sell a home, was AWESOME!  Just a little way I can contribute.  I truly believe in the Homes for Heroes, because I believe it takes something extraordianary in a person; like an inner calling for people to join the military, to become a policeman or policewoman, to join the fire department, or to become a nurse or teacher.  The way I look at it, is that Life is NOT about the money you earn,  it is about how you feel at the end of the day. It’s in the way you contributed in something that helps others. We all have to do the best that we can with what we have, our time and resources.  I am humbled to help anyone to buy or sell a home with the discount that I can offer from my commission. You know real estate is all about relationships, and I look forward to building relationships not only in the community, but also helping people with their real estate needs. And again, to have a chance to say ‘Thank you’ to all the HEROES… I appreciate your sacrifice and your dedication.”

Star Tribune Shares Local Hero’s Story & Thank You To HFH

Homes for Heroes was featured in the Minneapolis-St. Paul newspaper, Star Tribune!

Two years ago, recuperating from an IED injury suffered in Iraq, former Marine Sgt. Dan Albrecht accepted a hand of help and thanks from a Realtor and a mortgage broker who discounted fees to help him and his wife, Mindy, buy a home.

The help, provided through a program called Homes for Heroes, meant more than the couple of thousand dollars he and Mindy saved, Albrecht said.

“It meant all my sacrifices weren’t forgotten, basically,” he said, noting that most military discounts stop when service ends.

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Homes for Heroes Wins Social Entrepreneurship Award!

Minnesota Business Magazine

Homes for Heroes is the proud winner of the Social Entrepreneurship Award from the Minnesota Family Business Awards! We will share the article from Minnesota Business Magazine when its e-version is released soon.

Kacy Mlenar

Left to right: Homes for Heroes owners Helen Johnson, Kacy Mlenar, Ruth Johnson, Mark Micek

9/11: 9th Anniversary Remembrance

“September 11, 2001

We all remember where we were.

We all recall how we felt.

WE decided to do something about it.

Create a forever remembrance,

a never ending thank you,

to all the Heroes that day,

Our message is growing.

Your generosity is paying it forward. Thank you.

Consider joining our family if you have the heart.

Let us continue to reach every Hero,

That has chose the path to:

Protect, Serve, Educate, Heal and make us safe.

God Bless America….And Never Forget”

Welcome to the Team!

HFH Welcomes Mike Luntz

Mike LuntzHomes for Heroes is pleased to introduce our new affiliate, Mike Luntz!

As a REALTOR with RE/MAX Gold in St. Louis, Missouri, I am very proud to be affiliated with Homes For Heroes.  I have many family members, friends and clients that are Teachers, Nurses, Military Veterans, Police Offers and Firefighters.  The coolest part about this program is that we are going to be able to give back to a wide variety of Heroes in our Community who give so much to us on a daily basis.   Active Military, Veterans, Firefighters, Paramedics, Police Officers, Doctors, Nurses and Teachers are there for us every day of our lives and do not ask for much in return.  Homes for Heroes is just one way for me to be able to show my appreciation and say “Thank You” to them for all they do and at the same time offer some added value to them when they are ready to buy or sell a home. I am extremely excited to be a part of a great organization that strives so much to help those that serve and protect us.