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10 Moving Hacks: How to Pack for a Move More Efficiently

No matter the cause of your move, the process of moving and packing can be a bit overwhelming.  Even when you feel that you don’t own that much “stuff,” moving can take days of your time, whether or not you have it. Below are some helpful moving hacks to make your next move a little less stressful. Even if you think you know how to pack for a move, you are bound to find something useful. Read more

12 Days of Christmas Miracles

Teacher with ALS Receives $500 Gift this Holiday

Patty has been a kindergarten teacher in the Spencer, Iowa school district for 16 years. She was diagnosed with ALS shortly after the birth of her second child at the age of 35. Friends talk about Patty’s determination to continue doing the job she has loved for so long. Patty, her husband Gary, and their two children Bethany and Trace live in Ruthven, Iowa.  The family is assisted daily by Kindred Hospice to meet Patty’s needs so she can be home with her family.

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student loans ball and chain

How to Avoid Debt When Your Child Leaves for College

Written by guest contributor and Financial Advisor, Eric Somsel of Securian Financial Advisors of the Great Lakes.

One of the biggest financial concerns facing my clients, and many Americans, is the increasing cost of a college education. The good news is, there are several practical steps you can take to avoid debt when your child leaves for college. As the challenge of paying for college seems to get bigger each and every year, getting serious about just a couple of these suggestions can help you and your child’s financial future tremendously.

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Good Financial Habits

Good Financial Habits You Can Use Today

Through smart decisions and perseverance, creating good habits in your financial life can put you on a path towards financial success. Here are some good financial habits you can start today.

financial considerations when buying a home

Financial Considerations When Buying a Home, A-Z

There are many financial considerations when buying a home. Use this list of home buying considerations A-Z to prepare your self financially.

Memorial Day

Homes for Heroes Group Honors Unmarked Graves for Memorial Day

Homes for Heroes group honors unmarked graves for Memorial Day. Hundreds of flags were placed at unmarked graves in St. Joseph cemetery in MIshawaka, IN.

Thank You Story; Soldier Finds Her Home by Following Her Dreams

Thank You Story; Soldier Finds Her Home by Following Her Dreams

Within the US Army, lies a distinguished group of men and women that uphold a legacy of serving country and fellow soldiers. The US Army band is comprised of men and women that are answering their call to service and helping the United States Army uphold and execute its mission around the world. Tara Anderson is a part of this distinguished group, a musician and a United States Army soldier. Homes for Heroes is honored to share her story and the appreciation we will always have for her service.

Thank you letter to Emergency Medical Professionals

A Thank You Letter to Emergency Medical Professionals

EMS are the heroes that swoop in to save us at the most dire time in our life. This is one person’s story and thank you letter to Emergency Medical Professionals for all that they do.

Life After Service

Heroes Deserve a Life After Service

It is important to know ahead of time what that next chapter looks like. Those who fight for our freedom, our safety and our education are true heroes, and it is our job to help them make the most of your modest salaries and make a promising future for you and/or your families. While many in public service are given great workplace benefits, increasingly governments have come strained and are shifting responsibility to the individual. Now more than ever, working with a Financial Advisor to create a strategy to the next chapter is critical.

Military and Law Enforcement Couple Buy Dream Home

Thank You Story; Military and Law Enforcement Couple Buy Dream Home

Cinda and Matt Lillibridge have dedicated their lives to serving our country and its communities. It was a honor for Homes for Heroes to be able to thank them for their service and help them get the home of their dreams.