luck of the Irish on St Patricks Day

You Don’t Need The Luck of the Irish to Save Money on St. Patrick’s Day

Celebrated on March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day is one that reminds us of green, Irish, and good luck.

Have you ever stopped to wonder just who was St. Patrick, and why is he such a saint? How did Americans begin celebrating the holiday?  

So many questions come to mind when thinking of this day. We know it’s something we’ve always celebrated, but why? Wonder no more, because this article will answer some of those questions for you.

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National K9 Veterans Day

National K9 Veterans Day: Honoring Our Furry Heroes

Heroes in our society come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are men and women, while some are not human at all. Homes for Heroes would like to recognize the cutest heroes of all, dogs. 

In honor of National K9 Veterans Day, we think that our furry heroes deserve glorification for their hard work and commitment to serving the United States, both in the police force and military.

They are born and bred to save lives, and there’s no better sacrifice than that.

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The History of the National Anthem

The History of the National Anthem

As we celebrate National Anthem Day, we wanted to take a look at the history of how our beloved national anthem came to be. We all know the importance of the national anthem, and few things instill pride in us like hearing the first few notes before an important event. But how well do you know The Star-Spangled Banner?

Despite the fact that the music existed before the United States was even a country, you’d think you would know it well. But there are a few facts that are still surprising to learn!

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The First African American Doctors in America

A Story of Triumph- The First African American Doctors in America

African Americans have come a long way in history. From oppression since the 1600’s to Martin Luther King Jr., then to Barack Obama serving his country with two terms in Presidency. The culture has seen many achievements throughout history and is bound to see many more. In all cultures and all ways of life, there is a first for everything. The African American race and culture has had many memorable ones including the first doctors.

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