Trooper featured in iconic Norman Rockwell painting dies

Homes for Heroes was saddened to learn of the passing of Richard Clemens Jr., the former Massachusetts police officer who posed for the iconic Norman Rockwell painting “The Runaway.” Rockwell’s timeless illustration exemplifies the selfless service of our nation’s police force and remains one of the most memorable portrayals of a police officer in art. Not long following its appearance on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post in September 1958, posters of the drawing were being displayed in police stations across the country.

“The painting of a trooper bending over in counsel to a young boy intent on leaving home captures – much more than any of the images of shoot-outs and car chases favored by popular culture — the highest ideal of police work: helping someone in need at a vulnerable moment,” said the superintendent of the Massachusetts State Police, Colonel Marian J. McGovern.

“Retired state trooper Richard Clemens, model for Norman Rockwell’s “The Runaway,” dies at age 83″


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