Police looking out for even the smallest among us!

This photo is so priceless I couldn’t resist sharing!

Last week, police in Germany were called to the scene of a horrific accident. To be honest with you, it chokes me up just thinking of it. I find myself grasping for words and struggling to adequately convey the sheer agony suffered by the unfortunate victim.

A poor little squirrel had gotten his head stuck in a manhole cover.

So just how did the police manage to save this little guy’s life? A touch of olive oil did the trick, but not before several other attempts failed miserably. Luckily this story has a happy ending, as the squirrel was freed and allowed to scamper off back into the city.

I may be imagining things, but I detect a slight smile on the face of that squirrel. He must have realized once the cops showed up that he was in good hands.

Read more: “German Police Rescue Squirrel from Manhole Cover”

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