Marine Corps can’t deny mascot his proper due despite a ruff day.

Via the Wall Street Journal blog, here’s a doggone goofy story detailing the surprisingly rosy outcome stemming from a recent incident whereby one dared to stand up to an authority figure. Well, perhaps more accurately, to stand up to the pet of an authority figure.

Cpl. Chesty, an English bulldog that serves as the mascot of the Marine Corps, hardly seemed pleased to make the acquaintance of Bravo, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s golden retriever, at a military parade this past May.

Chesty became irked upon spotting Bravo, perhaps because he sensed the latter was encroaching on his turf. Chesty communicated his displeasure through a series of inhospitable growls and aggressive barking.

Thanks to the law of unintended consequences, Chesty’s naughty behavior ended up working to his advantage. Apparently Panetta was not put off by Chesty’s moxie; the pooch was promoted to sergeant just two weeks after the showdown.

All things considered, Chesty’s promotion appears well deserved, even in light of his run-in with Bravo. Chesty enjoys the love and support of many, particularly the countless children he patiently mingles with on a regular basis. Many observers have also given Chesty credit for his tense standoff with the beloved pup of the head of the DoD, although Col. Paul Montaus, the barracks commander, “strenuously denies” that the run-in helped spur the promotion.

It may indeed be a dog-eat-dog world, but Chesty earned his promotion fair and square!


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