Homes for Heroes Basks in the Limelight!

I have a confession to make: I fell asleep at the wheel. This post is long overdue, considering the magnitude of the development.  And while it may no longer be breaking news, it’s still noteworthy enough to warrant further mention!

Homes for Heroes recently got an excellent write-up in this month’s issue of Military Times. Military Times publishes four separate issues dedicated to the four major branches of the US military, including the Army Times, Navy Times, Air Force Times, and Marine Corps Times. This month, each of these issues features an article on Homes for Heroes written by Karen Jowers.

This is not only great news for Homes for Heroes, but also for the many deserving service-members who may have never heard of the program and might benefit from it.

I also gotta give a special shout-out to the San Diego branch of Homes for Heroes for the special feature they put up on their site sharing this exciting news!

You can check out the article in its entirety above. However, since its admittedly probably a little too small to comfortably read, you can also head over to Army Times and read the article there.

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