Fiery Remarks Incense Dutiful Firefighters

Just as it is best not to offend the person preparing your food or to chastise your dentist prior to undergoing oral surgery, it seems similarly unwise to berate a group of firefighters as they work to douse the flames engulfing your car.

A video recently posted on YouTube that shows a large fire consuming a trailer towing a 1969 Camaro has received a fair amount of attention on the web. And although the blaze is quite impressive, it’s hardly the reason why the video has gone viral. Rather, its notoriety has much to do with the charming lady seen (and heard) throughout the length of the video, who apparently is the owner of the car that erupted into flames.

Apparently this woman thought it was appropriate to criticize the very same firefighters that she had just called for help, all while they simultaneously  attempted to save her precious muscle car. She can be clearly heard hollering rude comments and muttering snide remarks toward the crew. Not more than five seconds into the video she is already yelling, “Oh my god! Water! Today! Is this your first fire?”

Granted, the stress of seeing her beloved hotrod burst into flames probably affected her sense of propriety. But still, it hardly excuses her behavior.

I am sure she feels a bit sheepish about the whole thing now that the video has garnered tens of thousands of hits!


Read an article on the incident: “Rude woman asks firefighters if it’s their ‘first fire’

See the video: “Show Car 1969 Camaro Destroyed by Fire During Transport in Trailer on Route 14, Arlington Heights”


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