Don’t be fooled…there is only ONE HOMES FOR HEROES®

Don’t be fooled…there is only ONE HOMES FOR HEROES® (look for the registered trademark)
Imitation is the best form of flattery, unless it is misleading the public. Only Homes for Heroes, is the largest hero savings program. Only Homes for Heroes:
• Has given back to heroes savings in the millions

• Has the endorsement of public officials such as Mayors, Governors, House Representatives and Senators

• Founded an IRS recognized Charitable 501 c3 to assist heroes in dire need with housing issues

• Have over 450 affiliate locations across the country
Many clever imposters are trying to copy Homes for Heroes by calling themselves by similar names. Boldly they are somehow gaining access to agency emails for heroes’ employers, such as city and teachers unions etc., appearing to be endorsed by that agency and stating that they are offering large discounts, when in fact they are not and demonstrate very misleading examples and copy. Sadly, the very group they are saying they help, they are misleading.
Consumers beware and compare your savings before committing!

Click here to check out our video.

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One Response to Don’t be fooled…there is only ONE HOMES FOR HEROES®

  1. Guillermo Maldonado says:

    I’m looking to buy a house for my fiancé and I. I’m a disabled veteran who works in EMS in San Antonio.
    Guillermo Maldonado

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