A police chase to end all police chases (not literally, unfortunately)

Now I don’t normally bother posting police chase videos on the Homes for Heroes blog. I figure that if one wants to satisfy a hankering for a car chase, there are plenty of other outlets sufficient enough to provide a fix. However, I am making a special exception today, mostly because the sight of a fiery semi-truck barreling down the freeway and spilling lumber into the road is truly a sight worth beholding. And also entirely terrifying.

This video has got all the ingredients of an epic chase, including a healthy helping of arguably the most critical item in the entire recipe: a desperately crazed criminal with both a slippery handle on the laws of probability and a willful ignorance of the constraints of plausibility.

Which causes me to wonder whether the driver ever actually believed he could get away in an eighteen-wheeler. Perhaps he was well aware of his fate and simply determined to be featured on “The World’s Wildest Police Chases.” After all, a semi is neither swift nor easily concealable.  Regardless, we can all enjoy watching this chase knowing the police eventually caught up with the driver and that no one was seriously injured.

Watch it here: “Coolest Police Chase Ever

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