A Heartfelt Thanks to EMTs

Being that it is Emergency Medical Services Week, this blogger has spent considerable time reflecting on the work performed each and everyday by EMTs across the nation. Can you imagine the everyday stresses inherent in the line of work of an EMT? Handling the intense pressure of being responsible for lives on a daily basis? Performing life-and-death operations with both empathy and care?

Without diminishing the daily stresses of other occupations, the weight of responsibility on EMTs each day strikes this blogger as completely overwhelming! And yet these men and women continue to execute their duties with the utmost preparation and gracious concern.

Luckily enough, thus far into my life I have never myself been in a situation requiring the expertise and service of EMTs. However, several of my family members have required the care of these professionals. Having witnessed EMTs at work firsthand in these situations, I have never ceased to be impressed and moved by their dedication and care. For what it is worth, I give my thanks from the bottom of my heart to the EMTs that serve us day in and day out.

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