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No Wonder These Firemen Are Smiling!

Phew! I can only imagine that is the collective sigh of relief being emitted by residents of the Motor City today, as word spread that their battered and beleaguered town would be largely spared of the massive cuts originally planned for Detroit’s fire department, which would have left the … Continue reading

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The “Stolen Valor Act” Ruling: the Right or Wrong Decision?

Largely buried under the avalanche of controversy over the Supreme Court ruling on the health care law was another decision handed down from the high court today on the Stolen Valor Act, legislation passed by Congress and signed into law … Continue reading

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Oops! Army Set To Replace Uniforms Considered “Colossal Mistake”

It seems quite the coincidence that just last week I made on the Homes for Heroes blog relating to military unifoms, considering this news story just came out: after eight years of use, the Army is ditching their pixelated-camo uniform, a design officially … Continue reading

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In the near future, soldiers will effortlessly scale walls, a la Spiderman

As you all already know, we here at Homes for Heroes take a lot of pride out of doing all we can to serve the men and women of our armed forces. We rightfully honor them as true heroes. Recognizing … Continue reading

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A chronological look at Army unifoms over the last 236 years

Ever since I was little, I have taken a keen interest in uniforms. Nevermind what type of uniform or the position/occupation associated with it, I was just plain fascinated by uniforms in general; their design, their symbolism, their functionality, their … Continue reading

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Slowly but surely: housing market shows signs of improvement

The economic recovery has largely stalled in the past two months judging by the various disappointing figures released of late that shed light on growth and the overall health of the economy.  An exception to this trend has been the … Continue reading

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For firefighters, summer marks peak of fire season

Tomorrow is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year and the first official day of summer. Many of us desperately look forward to these hot, summer months filled with afternoons at the beach and lively barbeques, road trips … Continue reading

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Chairman Knapp Shows Interns the Ropes

The interns at Homes for Heroes had the special opportunity to meet with Mr. Paul Knapp today, the Chairman of the Homes for Heroes Advisory Board and a prominent Twin Cities businessman. The team of interns greatly valued the chance to share their thoughts … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget! Today is Flag Day!

Happy Flag Day everyone! Just as I was sitting down to write my blog post today, I decided I’d procrastinate a bit and peruse Facebook for a few minutes. I’m glad I did! While aimlessly scrolling, I happened to notice … Continue reading

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Homes for Heroes | Rich Feola, Broker – Rich Feola Real Estate Co, LLC – Rochester, NY

Homes for Heroes would like to introduce our new Affiliate, Rich Feola! “When I was first made aware of the Homes for Heroes affiliate opportunity I knew immediately I wanted to be a part of it. Homes for Heroes was … Continue reading

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