Affiliate Testimonials

Ruth McMasters, Broker – Realty 1 Properties – Winston Salem, NC

Ruth McMasters is a full time real estate broker with Realty 1 Properties in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Prior to real estate, she had an extensive career in management in Wholesale Mortgage Industry for over 35 years. "When I heard about the Homes for Heroes program, I knew I wanted to get involved. It allows me the opportunity to offer a significant discount to people who serve and make a difference in our community. When I see someone in the military, I have always made a point to say 'Thank you', but that is not enough. With Homes for Heroes, it gives me the chance to give back and say "Thank you" to not only the military personnel; but to Winston Salem area teachers, firefighters, health care providers, and law enforcement. Unfortunately, much, much too often, these everyday heroes are not recognized for the contribution they make, so I am extremely proud to be affiliated with this program. When I found Homes for Heroes, I thought 'WOW, what a wonderful thing to do'; not only for our military families, but for all the heroes in our lives. I thought for me to give a portion of my income back to the families to help them buy or sell a home, was AWESOME! Just a little way I can contribute. I truly believe in Homes for Heroes, because I believe it takes something extraordinary in a person; like an inner calling for people to join the military, to become a policeman or policewoman, to join the fire department, or to become a nurse or teacher. The way I look at it, is that Life is NOT about the money you earn, it is about how you feel at the end of the day. It's in the way you contributed in something that helps others. We all have to do the best that we can with what we have, our time and resources. I am humbled to help anyone to buy or sell a home with the discount that I can offer from my commission. You know real estate is all about relationships, and I look forward to building relationships not only in the community, but also helping people with their real estate needs. And again, to have a chance to say 'Thank you' to all the HEROES… I appreciate your sacrifice and your dedication."