Affiliate Testimonials

Damian Forrester, Broker/Owner - Keller Williams - Billings, MT

"I am so blessed to be part of this amazing organization that continues to give back to those individuals that give back to us every day. I was reluctant at first to participate in this program because of the fees. After a bit of soul searching it didn't take long to realize what an amazing opportunity this was for my family and me.

    •    The opportunity to give back to my community.
    •    Be known as the Broker with a "heart"
    •    Open the doors to a underserved and unrecognized real estate population
    •    Open doors to endless amount of networking and marketing opportunities, from social media, local and state political figures, multimedia, and local businesses
    •    Being more versed and educated to occupational fields that I knew nothing about
    •    The support of the Homes for Heroes Staff and Directors (they truly work together to make this program a national phenomenon).
    •    Optional training, conference calls, and  marketing material are available.
    •    You will get to the point where people are endorsing you without even asking and clients will market for you.

I feel I have not even touched the surface of the opportunities available for marketing this program and generating the potential income I can unlock. I must admit since being part of this program I have increased my income by well over 15%. Thank you Homes for Heroes!"